Wolf-Gordon Releases Bleach Cleanable, PVC-free CLAIR™

An Ode to Nature in Composition and Style

Guided by a commitment to both sustainability and quality, Wolf-Gordon previews an all new type II wallcovering category with CLAIR™, a PVC-free material that has durability and performance capabilities on par with traditional type II vinyl and is even harder to tear. The initial collection features 10 textile- and organic-inspired designs that are derived from the beauty of nature; with an eye towards wellness, each features subtle movement and a refined, contemporary look.

“With CLAIR, we are offering a dramatically new type II wallcovering that is bleach-cleanable, PVC-free and beautifully designed for diverse commercial interiors.  As a resource for the expanding group of environmentally- and wellness-conscious specifiers, CLAIR does not sacrifice aesthetics or durability.” – Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design

Made with a proprietary EVO technology, CLAIR™ is a commercial grade wallcovering that is 20 oz per linear yard. Paired with an Osnaburg backing, the heavy duty Type II olefin composite wallcovering has high abrasion as well as impact and scratch resistance, allowing for the same quality of printing and embossing while also being bleach-cleanable with a 1:10 dilution. CLAIR is produced from 20% pre-consumer recycled content, and is ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rated, Cal 01350 Compliant, made in the USA, and has a Health Product Declaration (HPD).

Pattern Highlights

Ardley: Ardley is a delicate design that mirrors a basket-weave with sharp edges. A subtle tonality plays with value and scale to create an irregular surface, made to complement Ardley Cove’s geometric foreground.

Ardley Cove: Ardley Cove is a horizontal, fragmented geometric that embodies an active urban feeling. It’s strong diagonals stand out against the refined but natural texture of Ardley.

Castine: Refined Castine has an irresistible linen quality, featuring strong vertical slubs juxtaposed with multi-colored horizontal yarns that are highlighted by metallic touches. The interplay of matte and metallic finishes underscores the nuance and depth of the visual linen texture.

Denali: Denali is reminiscent of raining running down concrete, with a natural striation that usually occurs in canyon rock or sediment. The pattern’s stripes come forward in a way that gives the illusion of depth, enhanced by a watercolor effect and a mix of a warm and cool palette.

Luana: Luana is a rustic, artisanal pattern reminiscent of burlap. Looking to weathered, handcrafted textiles, the deep emboss gives added depth to the collection.

Pando: Inspired by an artistic take on wood, Pando looks to bark rather than paneling for it’s compelling texture. At the same time, the design captures the effect of tree bark and branches against the sky, with a sketch-like appearance achieved by a variation of line weight.

Sonora: A raw silk look with a textural feel, Sonora has a unique embossing that creates a heathered edge. This midscale design has a subtle, multi-color dimensionality.

Surin: Luscious silk is captured in Surin, a pattern that features a refined emboss and colorline that uses subtle flecks of color. The darker colorways are given nice shimmer with metallic details, for added movement and luxury.

Tiaga: A more literal interpretation of a beloved wood grain, Tiaga mirrors a flat-cut panel with a soft, vertical effect.

Zura: Zura mimics a suave pinstripe with a graphic quality that creates a modern menswear look. Stripes behind the tight pinstripes make for a 3D appearance, as if the bands of color were rising and falling from the background. A horizontal slub makes for a silk-like emboss that enhances the textile effect.

About Wolf-Gordon

Wolf-Gordon is an American design company offering designers a wide range of interior surfacing products united by the common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. Founded in 1967 as a comprehensive source for wallcoverings, its product line has since added wall protection, upholstery textiles, paints, and Wink clear, dry-erase coating. Through its collaborations with leading national and international designers and in its Design Studio, Wolf- Gordon continues to develop new work that is provocative, inspiring, and of our time. Wolf- Gordon’s growing portfolio of licensed collections includes designs by Laurinda Spear, Karim Rashid, Petra Blaisse, Grethe Sørensen, Kevin Walz, Boym Partners, Frank Tjepkema, Mae Engelgeer and Aliki van der Kruijs. Wolf-Gordon account executives are based in all major markets in the United States.