Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library Collection Captivates with Intense Visual Intrigue

Ambiguous (L-R): Aged Wall, Hot Sun, Island Oak

Latest VDL Release is a Conversation Between Past and Future

Wilsonart’s Ambiguous Collection is an exercise in contrasts: woodgrains become concrete, textiles blend into substrates, and geometric patterns fade into backgrounds. Ambiguous is the latest release in 2019’s Virtual Design Library’s Individual Expression series. With Ambiguous, Wilsonart has brought a level of depth typically reserved for fabrics, mosaics and wallcoverings, to the laminate product category.

Ambiguous draws from natural textures and classic designs while intentionally layering a futuristic aesthetic of stunningly saturated colors and patterns that are smart yet chic; classic yet modern. “Ambiguous Material” is the third of four overarching trends that have inspired Wilsonart’s VDL Collections throughout 2019. “Our new Ambiguous Collection is comprised of 16 patterns that radiate intelligence, visual tension, and a Janus-like quality that simultaneously looks to the past while anticipating the future,” noted Natalia Smith, Design Manager, Wilsonart. “This collection mixes materials together to create visual interest and texture, but it is not always clear or obvious where the designs’ origin came from.”

The expert blending of juxtaposed patterns manifests in a clever combination of familiar textures and patinaed finishes that immediately strike a chord, enhanced with fresh visual intrigue of emerging patterns and subtle embellishments—exotic fusions that provoke curiosity and beg further investigation.

The expert overlays provide a complex depth for the eye to visually consume the laminate finish like a fine wine: beginning with an accentuated terroir, mellowing to a foundational palette, and finishing on a rare note.

The resulting 16 Ambiguous patterns include 14 new designs and two reintroductions that range from cool, cosmic and structural to soft and warm:

Distilled Oak, Y0714K-16

A large-scale oak design with full cathedrals having dark grey graining with a light grey wash.

White Cement, Y0715K-16

A warm white large-scale pattern inspired by concrete form wood.

Constellation Night, Y0716-60

A large-scale graphic pattern with navy and white crisscrosses like stars in the night sky.

Constellation Grey, Y0717-60

A tonal monochromatic design with a large-scale pattern of interconnected lines like a constellation.

Corrugated, Y0718K-28

A medium-scale design of linear brown and black inspired by the edges of cardboard with rich visual texture.

Aged Wall, Y0719K-22

A grey and black large-scale pattern inspired by concrete walls.

Blue Construct, Y0721K-22

A large-scale design with a concrete grey background with a distressed geometric overlaid design.

Purple Construct, Y0722K-22

A large-scale design with a concrete grey background with a distressed geometric overlaid design.

Hot Sun, Y0723-60

A small-scale optical solid crossweave pattern in dark tonal oranges.

Dusty Mauve Honeycomb, Y0724-60

A small-scale pattern of honeycombs in a tonal dusty pink.

Misty Meadow, Y0725-60

A medium-scale abstract design in mid-to-light greens with a distressed graphic patterning fading in and out.

Misty Oyster, Y0726-60

A medium-scale abstract design in mid-to-light greys with a distressed graphic patterning fading in and out.

Beach Birch, Y0727-38

A medium-scaled wood design inspired by washed greys.

Island Oak, Y0728K-16

A large-scale full featured oak with rich features and black graining.

Woven Oak, Y0495-60

A warm mid-tone brown with organic grid patterns running throughout in a cool grey.

Vintage Houndstooth, Y0671K-16

A large-scale design made up of warm whites and greys that play beautifully together. The grey houndstooth design is overlaid on top of a wood look and both have been worn through time.

Designers will rely on Ambiguous’ sophisticated compositions to project a signature style into any space. Visit www.wilsonart.com.

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