Versa’s Chesapeake Wallcovering Shimmers with Depth, Dimension

Versa Wallcovering.Chesapeake

Versa’s Chesapeake wallcovering draws inspiration from the rippling waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Depending on color selection, the distinctive horizontal texture takes on the look of flowing fields or canyons, burled wood or weathered metals.  It’s low-VOC and certified to NSF 342. 

Shimmering with detail, depth and dimension, Versa’s Chesapeake brings to mind the light-dappled, rippling water of Chesapeake Bay. The proprietary embossing responds to designers’ requests for distinctive horizontal textures, particularly for use in high-traffic corridors. Great for corporate, hospitality, retail and senior living, the flowing striations take on the look of fields, canyons and beaches in earth-inspired colorations; burled wood in grainy chocolates, tans and greys; and weathered metals in golds, silvers and coppers. With intricate all-over detail and texture, Chesapeake is well suited for covering walls with imperfections.  Made of low-VOC, 20-ounce vinyl on Osnaburg backing, the Type II wallcovering is certified to the NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering.  Visit or contact Versa Wallcovering, 2301 River Road, Suite 201, Louisville KY 40206, (502) 458-1502.