Thos. Moser Contract Appoints Bonnie Hoch Contract Sales Specialist, NY and Northern NJ

Bonnie Hoch

A native New Yorker, Bonnie Hoch has been in the furniture industry for 20 years. Early experience with Steelcase furniture dealers Dancker, Sellew & Douglas (DS&D) and Empire Office sharpened her ability to create and execute unique projects for the architecture and design (A&D) community as well as establish key industry relationships. In 2012 she joined JANUS et Cie and was responsible for developing project specifications with the A&D community throughout the New York region, often traveling to Albany, Rochester and Buffalo.

In 2015, Hoch was invited to join the board of IIDA NY (International Interior Design Association of New York) due to her impressive network of relationships and is Vice President of City Centers—local IIDA chapters in Albany, Rochester and Buffalo—acting as the liaison between upstate and downstate New York for the IIDA NY.

Hoch now joins Thos. Moser Contract as Contract Sales Specialist, New York and Northern New Jersey. She was drawn to the company for its foresight, ability and willingness to customize projects—a major demand in the A&D community—and is honored to work for an American company with such great respect for craftsmanship and materials used.