Stylex Reveals Dau, a Sculptural Collection of Seating & Tables with Untethered Adaptability

Enduring aesthetics designed for movement, Dau inspires activity-based communities, creativity, and productivity with playful flair

Furnishings expert Stylex launches Dau, a colorful, contemporary collection of tables, upholstered sofas, benches, poufs, and lounge chairs designed to reimagine the workplace and beyond. Agile and functional, Dau’s distinct playful shapes and optional integrated casters allow for mobility and the creation of dynamic sculptural seating arrangements for collaboration and community building.

Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo from Yonoh Studio

Mindfully designed to reflect the new world, Spanish designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma of Yonoh Studio envisioned creating more than just a family of products, but a unified system of joyful pieces that naturally integrate into any space. Designing beyond circular or square forms, the duo ventured into the geometric realm of the hexagon with the intent of creating beautiful building blocks for endless configurations.

“Non-traditional seating layouts are evolving communal spaces into thoughtfully designed activity-based areas,” explains Bruce Golden, CEO of Stylex. “Dau’s user-centric design has vibrant intentionality. This extraordinary mobile collection offers an untethered solution to group collaboration and personal productivity, creating a cohesive and intrinsic sense of jubilation within any environment.”Yonoh Studio’s Clara del Portillo further explains, “In designing Dau we wanted to breathe life into the furniture that supports the way we live and work. Our early discussions on the sophisticated shape pushed us to imagine what emotion this collection could evoke.”

Dau in Chicago Stylex Showroom

The result is a carefully curated offering that inspires imaginative configurations and imbues a sense of refreshing playfulness and humanity. Sculpted in multiple soft hexagonal lengths and widths, lounge chairs and sofas offer a supportive back cushioned with plant-based molded foam. These inviting upholstered pieces can fit in oddly shaped nooks as well as open-plan spaces with single, single plus, and double seats and perfectly pair with the five sizes of poufs, including mini single, mini double, single, double, and island for endless grouping possibilities.

Accentuating user convenience, select chairs and poufs are offered with the option of a 360-degree swiveling tablet table, keeping your coffee at arm’s reach. Wired tables are also available as standalone elements with surface options of small 15.75” and medium 24”, specified at slightly staggered heights for nesting. As a centerpiece, the upholstered coffee table base can be topped with various 32” solid wood options, including white oak, natural maple, walnut, and opaque black.

The inventiveness of Dau goes beyond the surface, hidden beneath the friendly geometric frame of the lounge chairs, benches, sofas, and large poufs are cleverly concealed casters. The conceptual aim of the self locking casters is two-fold, to bring the flexibility of movement to collaborative settings and the stability of focus once in the desired position. When seated, the casters recede into a pocket in the undercarriage and the weight of the seat seamlessly rests on the cushioned footers to prevent movement. Workstations and lounge environments come alive with the light pull of a leather or felt loop handle, a strikingly simple yet useful accent required on castered models. The integral pull beckons users to play, reimagine, rearrange and personalize a space, floating the furniture into configurations that foster collaboration, camaraderie and solitude.

Every aspect of Dau has been thoughtfully considered and crafted with attention to detail including the upholstery. A sleek raised edge accentuates the ends of the hexagon in a seamless line to the base, emphasizing the unique shape with precision-matched thread colors. The upholstered pieces are also ‘zippered-in’ with material matching colors, a European nod that highlights Stylex’s craftsmanship and adds to Dau’s approachable, yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Made in the U.S. with special consideration for the environment, Dau is Greenguard IAQ and Level 1 certified and available in CET, making it easy to specify. Additional sustainability features include Dau’s VOC-free powder coat finishes, water-based adhesives, CARB- Certified internal plywood frames, and plant-based polyurethane molded foam. As with all Stylex products, the Dau family is backed by a 10-year performance warranty.


For more than six decades Stylex has designed and fabricated furnishings for both the workplace and healthcare, hospitality, and educational environments. We carefully consider the seating, tables, and lounge pieces we offer, balancing aesthetics, performance, and value. A desire to serve users’ ever-evolving needs has led us to collaborate with the field’s top designers and engineers. Made from durable, sustainable materials that ensure their long life, our products add beauty and function to any space. For more information, visit


“We design simple, but take care with details,” says Clara del Portillo of Studio Yonoh’s approach. Indeed: Del Portillo and partner Alex Selma combine innovation with a pared-down aesthetic, experimenting with shape and materials while making every element count. There is nothing superfluous in the designs of the Valencia, Spain-based duo. But their work still exudes a playfulness and humanity absent in much minimalist fare. “You have to think how people will interact with the object,” says Del Portillo, “because you want them to want to use it every day.”

Yonoh Studio