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tecno-vela_07One day your workplace will always support your position. Whatever it is.

Because your seat adapts to your posture, following your movements and under standing your needs. How? Well, we designed it with the best tools and the most advanced technology. Regarding its performance, it’s enough to know that it won a gold. A Golden Compass, to be precise. Regarding its technology, it’s enough to know that we’ve applied to furniture what up to now has been applied to devices. A clever chair? Yep, but we prefer to call it “responsive”.


Design Lievore Altherr Molina

A flair for integrating the latest technological advances with timeless style has always been one of the most distinctive traits of Tecno, a company capable of combining, in the design of its products, representativeness, quality and comfort.

VELA, the result of a collaboration between Centro Progetti Tecno and the Spanish studio responsible for the design, Lievore Altherr Molina, is a family of seats that proposes a vast range of models created, both in terms of aesthetic design and functionality, to blend harmoniously into office environments, soft-contract and residential settings.

The technology present is concealed in a sophisticated “responsive” mechanism in the body of the seat, which allows to automatically adopt a natural posture based on the weight of the user.

In the various different versions seat adjustments are made using a dedicated control, integrated in the base of seats, which is discreetly positioned and easy to reach.

The design of the bases pushes metalworking technology to the limit. Conical steel tubing, cold drawn and of variable section, is transformed into light, elegant support bases that endow seats with a unique, sophisticated shape.

Models are available with spoke, sled and cantilever structures and with four legs in wood. Clients can choose from a wide range of finishes and combinations of materials for seats and backrests, combining them with metal or fully upholstered armrests.

The superb versatility of use, an increasingly valued quality thanks to the growing demand for multi-purpose work spaces, make VELA the perfect response in “chair sharing” areas.

The simple and elegant design of VELA, which is attractively enveloping in appearance, with no visible mechanical elements, makes the chair the ideal solution in traditional workplaces as well as in home-office contexts.

The various versions of the seat are all comply with the requirements of UNI EN 1335 type B and UNI EN 16139. VELA contains polyurethane TB117 or BS 5852. When required, it may contain BIOH polyurethane (soya-based polyurethane, CFC and VOC-Free) which has 20% less crude oil derivatives, contributing to LEED credits.



Tecno – Theatre of Imagination 

25-29 October 2016
Hall 6.1 – Stand B070/C071