Room & Board Business Interiors Reveals Winter 2022 Collection

Marrying American Craft with Global Flair

Room & Board Business Interiors (BI), the home furnishing brand’s commercial arm, introduces its Winter 2022 Collection. Expanding on its signature American artisan craftsmanship, the new release celebrates the best of global design, taking inspiration from cultures around the world — with nods to Scandinavian minimalism, and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi.

“We took inspiration from a designer’s desire for creativity, as well as a cultural shift that places more emphasis on physical spaces being directly aligned to our moods and well-being. The new collection, abundant with refreshing silhouettes and designs, is a broadening of our current offering and allows for greater creative freedom of self-expression through design,” explains Jenon Bailie, Merchandising and Design Director with Room & Board. “We think of these as character pieces that allow you to truly dial into the unique personality of the space.”

The Winter 2022 Collection, consisting of office, accent, and outdoor furniture, can be best described as a curated assortment of comfort and luxury with global elements and sustainability at the forefront. Inspired by Scandinavian themes of minimalism and beauty through simplicity, the collection features refined and softer organic shapes that keep spaces looking clean and uncluttered. An element of lightweight design that embodies this collection from both a physical and visual standpoint reflects the collective cultural desire to start anew and hit refresh. Standouts include the Rhodes and Hillard Chair, whose sculptural silhouettes fall easy on the eyes while maintaining a striking presence through thoughtful design. Whimsical and playful, the latest introductions include an extensive range of colors and materials, including pastels, that are bound to satisfy the creative hunger of any designer. Embracing the design philosophy of Wabi-sabi, which focuses on organic forms inspired by nature and the element of beauty in imperfection, the Prospect table utilizes the traditional Japanese charring technique of shou sugi ban, making each table unique while bringing a harmonizing visual aspect of nature into the interior. Keeping with the theme of celebrating global inspirations, Room & Board Business Interiors’ Winter Collection also features the iconic Heller Vignelli Bench from Italian designer Massimo Vignelli. Lastly, this new release would not be complete without the company’s signature sustainability component, reflected through the use of reclaimed materials and local artisan craftsmanship.

With a dedication to exceptional quality, these pieces continue to highlight the craft and ingenuity central to the Room & Board brand. With sustainability and durability a consistent theme, the company’s commitment to the environment is evident through its practice of utilizing reclaimed wood, recycled steel, fabrics, and plastics, and selectively harvesting U.S. sourced wood. Further prioritizing self-motivated product improvements and the customer experience, select pieces also meet ANSI/BIFMA standards and are backed by 5-and-10 year warranties when purchasing through the Business Interiors team.

Room & Board Business Interiors’ Winter 2022 Products Include:


Mosby Office Collection 

The Mosby Office collection of desks and cabinets offers traditional functionality and durability with a delightful twist. Options include pastel-colored cubbies that add whimsicality and character to each piece, while the lightweight and modern design retains sophistication for work environments. Walnut and white oak cases are paired with interchangeable melamine wrapped color inserts in a variety of colors.


Prospect Accent Table

Staying true to the company’s focus on sustainability and local materials, this piece breathes new life to trees that would otherwise be discarded. Harvested from Ash trees removed by the city of Minneapolis in response to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation, these tables have been treated with the traditional Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, where the wood is flame charred prior to sealing. The result is a deep charcoal black that is unique and striking.


Silva Bench

The Silva bench is an addition to Room & Board’s Silva accent chair collection. Emphasizing soft and organic curves, the clean lines and softer sophisticated details add variety to Room & Board Business Interiors’ bench assortment. A great addition to any entryway, lobby, or end of bed.

Hillard Chair

Supported by a solid wood base, the Hillard chair features an elegant modern silhouette that accents any living room or bedroom. The supportive cushions retain their shape, and the included pillow provides extra lumbar comfort.

Rhodes Chair

The Rhodes Chair, with its large but streamlined base, supports a range of lounging postures. This silhouette is a departure from current high back chairs, focusing more on curvilinear lines and a simple metal base that gives Rhodes a lighter spatial footprint.


Dorian Sunbed

Sleek and modern, the Dorian sunbed is a lovely addition to your outdoor lounge area. The powder-coated steel and mesh form a durable and comfortable platform for you to spread out, relax and catch some rays. The thoughtful placement of the mesh sling behind the back of the sunbed provides a discrete storage option while keeping essentials out of the sun.

Emmet Swing

Made in Duluth, Minnesota by Loll Designs, The Emmet outdoor swing is constructed from high-density recycled plastic. Sustainable, durable, and comfortable, Emmet is a modern take on an enduring symbol of classic American relaxation.

Vignelli Collection

These outdoor benches and outdoor tables are designed by Italian designer Massimo Vignelli. The streamlined modern form is beautiful in its simplicity and provides a perfect surface for cocktails, lounging, or both.


Room & Board Business Interiors (BI) incorporates the most durable, best-selling designs from Room & Board’s residential line with BIFMA-tested pieces and ACT® performance fabrics. Offering a wide range of custom capabilities including COM orders; by-the-inch options in desks and tables; and customized storage configurations, all products are backed by five-and-ten-year warranties. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Room & Board’s ethos is grounded in sustainable design and making long-lasting furniture from responsibly sourced materials. More than 90% of products are made in America from top-quality U.S. and imported materials. Dedicated to the customer experience with proficiency in managing complex orders, BI provides tailored services like bulk quantities, payment terms, free warehousing, and customized delivery solutions. Contact Business Interiors.