Nook a Winner at the EDspaces Innovation Awards

Nook is proud and excited for the recognition of the Sensory Nook as an Award Winner at this year’s EDspaces Innovation Awards.

Recognizing innovative product design for learning environments, EDspaces and Learning By Design partnered to recognize design excellence across a variety of categories.  Products were evaluated on the different components of their positive impact on future learning spaces.

Comments from judges on the Sensory Nook included:

“FINALLY a product that is Innovative! I am very impressed with this product.”

“This concept of a study pod … that is designed for kids with special needs is new to me.”

“Clearly there was a lot of thought into every detail of this product and it shows.”

“I really appreciate the sustainability story with the product and its design.”

“ Awesome job!”

Sensory Nooks are a mobile, plug and play solution to help neurodiverse people cope with challenging environments.

They create an encapsulated environment to positively influence mood, reduce challenging behavior & anxiety levels before reaching meltdown and in so doing prevent challenging behavior. The result of this is less exclusion and much greater opportunity to access experiences most people take for granted.

Sensory Nooks are a highly inclusive adaptable space particularly effective for neurodiversity including Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia, providing a calming refuge for social & emotional challenges. It is a practical way to reduce exclusion in the workspace, classroom and in public.

Sensory Nook’s mobile and open design allow for the user to not be removed from the environment, but instead improve socialization by remaining connected to their surroundings.

The EDspaces win adds to the extensive recognition Nook Wellness Pods has received this year for knowledge leadership and effectiveness in support of wellness and support for the neurodiverse, including approval by the IBBCES as a Certified Autism Resource.

About Nook

Nooks were created as a quiet refuge for introverts or those on the autistic spectrum in the workplace. Thanks to their mobility, flexibility, acoustic design and integrated technology, Nooks are now found in a variety of environments from offices to care homes and from schools to stadiums. Nook is recognised for improving productivity, communication, and wellbeing.

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