New Release from Cerno: The Adesse Table Lamp


Introducing Cerno’s newest product, the Adesse table lamp.

Cerno means to Resolve in Latin. Adesse means to aid, assist, and be present in Latin. The name was born out of the current situation that is impacting all of us, some of us more severely than others.

We look at all designs as an opportunity to resolve a problem and provide a solution. More people are working from home now, and we wanted to give them an option to purchase a quality light fixture made domestically.

The Adesse desk/table lamp exemplifies purpose-driven analog design. The solid brass toggle is a nod to the past, while the two slits can hold a charging cord, and the larger cutout is for your phone or tablet. The design is absent of technology, yet accommodating of it too. The solid walnut base, black metal shade, and brass components celebrate Cerno’s use of quality materials.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about the Adesse.

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