New Product: Topo Tiles from Kirei

Pixel Topo Tile (left) and Barcode Topo Tile (right)

Introducing Topo Tiles, a series of modular acoustic tiles made by Woven Image and distributed exclusively in North America by Kirei.

Perhaps one of the most simple solutions for spaces where noise matters, Topo Tiles add 3-D visual appeal, texture and sound absorption to any flat wall or ceiling. These tiles are available in 20 various colors in two elevated styles: Pixel and Barcode. The Pixel design, measuring 10”L x 10”W, offers 36% layer coverage per tile and can be staggered or rotated to create a random pattern. Barcode tiles, measuring 15.5”L x 7.75”W, can be rotated, staggered or aligned regularly to create different patterns and the 45% layered coverage adds more sound absorption and diffusion. Ideal for after-the-fact sound control or integrated acoustic design, Topo Tiles use both soft surfaces and different thicknesses within a single tile to address sound control issues.

As an EchoPanel product, every tile is 60% recycled plastic. Since EchoPanel is 100% PET plastic, components can be reused or recycled at the end of life, contributing to LEED green building credits.