New Interlocking Stools by OFM Dramatically Expand Office and School Design Options

OFM.Hex Series Stool
Hex Series Stool

Innovative seating arrangements in geometric designs provide flexibility, foster creativity

OFM, one of the nation’s leading office and school furniture manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, now in its twentieth year, has unveiled three new versatile, interlocking stools that dramatically increase office and school design options.“The modern office is modular,” said Blake Zalcberg, chief operating officer of OFM. “In many workplaces, people like to have the option to rearrange furniture for brainstorming sessions or just for a casual one-on-one conversation. These stools offer that kind of flexibility while also adding a hip geometric look that’s perfect for the modern workplace or classroom.”

The soft-covered stools can be used as standalone seating or in combination to create longer lines, circular shapes or even more abstract designs. The Jupiter Series Stool is oval-shaped with a side divot, the Quin Stool is five-sided with one curved edge, and the Hex Series Stool is six-sided with straight edges.

Specifically designed to fit with other stools from the same series, OFM’s new interlocking stools can be easily reconfigured. The Jupiter Series Stool has a side divot that allows it to nest easily to create a linear seating arrangement, while the Quin Stool has one curved side and can be arranged in a circular configuration. With six equal sides, the Hex Series Stool can be arranged in a variety of combinations all in hexagonal patterns.

“Soft stools are a great addition to any workplace or educational setting and offer a nice contrast to the typical furniture pieces you tend to see in these settings—and unlike traditional conference rooms, they are more informal and more democratic—there’s no head of the table,” added Zalcberg. “These new geometric designs also allow for more flexibility. A meeting could start in a big circle and then break into smaller groups, with everyone taking their stool with them.”

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OFM is a family-run office and school furniture manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler headquartered in North Carolina with distribution centers there and in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Washington state. For twenty years, it has provided affordable, quality furniture through a nationwide dealer network, offering the latest concepts and designs to businesses, government, health care and educational facilities. Working with manufacturers in Mexico, Taiwan and China, OFM designs furniture to meet the highest industry standards which are sold through a variety of retailers, mail-order catalogs, and online dealers including Staples, Wayfair, Overstock, and National Business Furniture.

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