New From Wilkhahn: Landing

Wilkhahn – German manufacturer of innovative, dynamic office and conference furniture that encourages well-being, health, creativity, and performance – just released Landing at Orgatec 2018 in Germany.

Landinga decorative and sound-absorbent wall relief, manages to create a welcoming atmosphere for spontaneous “stopovers” in places where space is lacking, such as aisles and cross-over spaces, encouraging users to meet and talk to other people. It also improves acoustics, creates niches, takes the weight off feet while standing and is even a space for drinks and smartphones. Depending on its configuration, it can be used for perching or leaning on, as shelving, or a screen for more privacy. The flat and three-dimensional upholstered, textile-covered elements are available in seven colors, and can be arranged and combined at will, providing a solution for contract environments that will fit seamlessly into any design.