New from Flos: A Desk Lamp for Modern Needs

Flos introduces Oblique, the natural evolution of the classic swing arm office lamp. Envisioned as a revolutionary table lamp and designed by Vincent Van Duysen, Oblique’s robust, compact structure produces a patented, powerful, and controlled asymmetric beam of light optimal for work surfaces.

“The starting point for the design process of Oblique was a completely new technology developed by Flos,” says Vincent Van Duysen. “An ingenious combination of LEDs and lenses that only need a thin amount of space to produce an extremely bright and bundled beam of light that falls ‘obliquely’ from the luminaire head onto the table. I designed this luminaire around this core.”

Made possible by an exclusive lens designed for incredible visual comfort as well as extreme efficiency, Oblique offers outstanding technology and functionality in a few simple but ingenious elements:

– Integrated USB-C port into the base to charge additional devices.

– Round flat head for minimal visual intrusion with a 355° rotatable stem

– Exceptional anti-glare protection and homogeneity of light distribution with a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) lower than 10

– A patented ultra-flat lens with very high efficiency of 97%

Oblique is available in 6 colors: white, black, anthracite, rust orange, brown, and sage green.

photo credit B&B Italia
photo credit Eugeni Pons