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Designtex.Zipper Series
Zipper Series

Designtex released several new collections including the Zipper Series of wallcoverings and the Designtex + West Elm collection of upholstery fabrics.

The Zipper Series: Zipper, Zip Line and Zip Code are just some of the latest additions to Designtex’s library of digitally printed wallcoverings. These interpretations of the classic stripe highlight the interplay of varying stripe density, overlapping color and the horizontal dashes of the zipper motif, adding depth to this complex print.

The Designtex + West Elm collection responds to this shift to new workplace aesthetics with a grouping of contract fabrics that delivers the soft, tactile appeal of residential textiles along with the high performance expected in the contract market.


Crossweave: Suitable for upholstery as well as panel applications, this tightly woven micro-pattern is woven with lustrous recycled polyester yarns. Available in 16 colors.


Starburst: Bright sparks of metallic yarn are stitched into this fabric in a dramatic starburst motif creating a dynamic effect that is further enhanced by the heathered, matte character of the ground weave. Available in 9 colors.


Colorblock: Large blocks of clean color meet one another in perfect precision with the help of tight twill weaves. Available in 4 colors.