New for Fall: 3form Teams Up With Global Craftspeople in New Artisan Collection

The Artisan Collection Embodies Togetherness

At a time where distance is more prevalent than ever, 3form’s new Artisan Collection symbolizes connection—with our environment, with the people who create the materials used in our built environment, and with inhabitants of the spaces where we live and work.

Designed collaboratively with skilled artisans around the world, the Artisan Collection lays handmade, globally-inspired patterns within 3form’s translucent Varia panels. Composed of locally sourced materials developed by Indonesian and Senegalese craftspeople, the dynamic wall panels bring nature and intrigue to any gathering space.

Each Artisan pattern is created by hand and shipped to 3form’s factory in Salt Lake City, Utah where the team meticulously arranges the materials, also by hand, into each made-to-order panel with a tangible human element. Available in four unique patterns—Bentuk, Tribe, Savu, and Ladder—each one-of-a-kind panel is layered with color from 3form’s Fall 2020 palette for added depth and richness for a wide range of design options. Artisan styles can also be customized by pairing the patterns with any color available in their color portfolio.


Meaning ‘shape’ in Indonesian, Bentuk features hand-bent grass formations that create playful geometric patterns in each Varia panel. Sourced from the Wlingi area of Indonesia where the artisans’ workshop is located, the native grass is an organic and renewable material with unique qualities that allow artisans to bend, twist, and form it into shapes.


Also crafted in Indonesia, Savu is formed by repeating patterns of flowery bursts. The detailed flowers are handmade by artisans using fine threads and laid by hand in 3form’s factory to create a peaceful, connective pattern. Savu adds a biophilic element to your space for a feeling of connectivity with nature.


Made by artisans in Ndem, Senegal, Tribe features hand-cut strips of cloth which are carefully sewn together to form pleasantly irregular linear patterns. The Tribe interlayer is available in pure white or natural. The natural colorway features tonal colors achieved with natural dyes formulated using local organics in Ndem. The hand-dying process creates a beautiful variation of colors that become even richer when layered with color in Varia.


Ladder features a complex hand-bent wire pattern created by a skilled wireworker in Ndem, Senegal. The wire is sourced locally and upcycled into unique patterns that were developed by a special collaboration with the Artisan and 3form designers. The wire of Ladder coupled with Varia adds a sophisticated mix of materials to any space.

Crafted with 3form’s durable, easily cleanable Varia material, Artisan Collection panels provide thoughtfully designed space division, bringing people together while keeping health and safety top of mind. The Artisan Collection is available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ panels, with 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ gauges, and a two-week lead time.

The new Artisan Collection is one example of 3form’s comprehensive sustainability program, Align, in action. Launched in March 2020, Align represents 3form’s commitment to empowering architects, designers, and consumers to make smart choices about how they buy and how they build. That includes ensuring the artisans in its supply chain work in equitable, healthy, and transparent workplaces. Echoing the values of Align, 3form’s Varia material has certifications in Post-Industrial Recycled Contents (SCS), Optimized EPD (SCS), Type III EPD (SCS), Greenguard Gold (UL), and Red List Free Declare Label (ILFI).

About 3form

3form, a Hunter Douglas company, is a design-driven materials solutions company offering breakthrough sustainable products that help bring projects to life. Their approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. The 3form product portfolio ranges from innovative materials to sophisticated turn-key solutions. The full 3form family includes lighting studioLightArt, and glass and contract surfacing manufacturer EFI.