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Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., is pleased to send you a look at the architecture titles we are publishing in the second half of 2015.

2015.0727.Nwy.Schiffer Publishing.LEEDING the Way.fullLEEDING the Way: Domestic Architecture for the Future: LEED Certified, Green, Passive & Natural
E. Ashley Rooney & Ross Cann, Adam Prince & Virge Temme

Publication Date: July 2015

This book takes you through 53 homes that reflect the growing trend for environmentally-friendly houses. Resource- and energy-efficient residences are designed to be healthy, comfortable, and easy-to-live-in, and construction of a sustainable home includes using less energy, fewer natural resources, and fewer toxic chemicals. Read more:

2015.0727.Nwy.Schiffer Publishing.Cathedrals Built by the Masons.fullCathedrals Built by the Masons
Russell Herner

Publication Date: July 2015

Through well-researched text, as well as drawings and color photography, this book captures the magnificence of European cathedrals and the brilliance of the Master Builders and craftsmen who designed and built them. Cathedral building is a fusion of man’s greatest accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and humanities over the centuries. More than 250 photos and drawings capture the quality and craftsmanship built into these stunning structures created to replicate God’s house or heaven on Earth. Read more:

2015.0727.Nwy.Schiffer Publishing.Contemporary Home Design.fullContemporary Home Design: 70 Plans and Projects
Wolfgang Bachman & Arno Lederer

Publication Date: September 2015

From the modern, flat-roofed concrete home to an energy-independent cob-walled house in the countryside, this guide shows seventy single-family homes that showcase the best of contemporary design. Each home is identified in terms of eight design considerations, including challenging lots, homes in the country, houses with a view, small spaces, unusual shapes, additions and remodels, zoning restrictions, and adding in-law or guest suites and office spaces. Read more:

2015.0727.Nwy.Schiffer Publishing.Dream Houses on the Water.fullDream Houses on the Water
Alexander Hosch

Publication Date: December 2015

How do architects treat the drama of water and nature? Do they defer to it with a simple dwelling that grows out of the land, or make a statement with bold materials and forms? From the sleek, low-slung Water Villa de Omval in Amsterdam, to the eccentric House on the Greenland Sea, this book takes us on an in-depth tour of 30 private residences by leading architects in locations dedicated to waterfront leisure. Read more:

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