NELSON: Is your office ready for re-entry?

NELSON Workplace Innovation Session


Are you prepared for re-entry?

Never-before-seen cultural shifts are changing the office dynamic forever. Worker behaviors have evolved and employers must adjust their return to work strategies accordingly.

COVID has provided a rare opportunity for organizations to reexamine and reimagine who they are, how they work, and how they can evolve for future success. Companies that thrive in the next “normal” will distinguish themselves by creatively exploring and redefining their “how” – and NELSON can help.

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Working closely with Polaris, a premier manufacturer of outdoor motorsport vehicles, our team helped to reimagine the brand’s headquarters offices in Medina, Minnesota. Together, we created a space that prioritizes employee well-being, elevates the Polaris identity, and celebrates culture. Learn more.


The Future of Finance: Experience Reimagined

Our attitudes toward spending, saving, and considering our personal finances has rapidly evolved over the last year. NELSON spotlights five changing consumer behaviors that are impacting the financial services sector and how you can better position your brand for the future. Read the report.


Social Clubs Could Be Way To Lure Office Workers Back

NELSON’s own Nicole Zack considers the future of work environments as she discusses how thinking of the workplace as a social club or hub can take some of the dread out of going to the office. Read the full article on Forbes.