NARBUTAS opens New York showroom

Narbutas, a Lithuanian-based international company designing and creating furniture for the modern workspaces, opens a showroom in New York. This is a risky step to take during the unstable situation in the U.S. as in the whole world.

Natalija Daubare, President of Narbutas USA, Inc., believes that “Narbutas has what it takes to make these tough decisions and approach a highly complex market: experience, vision, determination, professionalism, and a good dose of courage.”

According to FEMB, Narbutas is in TOP 40 among the biggest European office furniture manufacturers.

In 2019 consolidated sales reached 99M Eur, that is 32 percent growth comparing to 2018. The products were exported to more than 70 countries around the world. Next year Narbutas will be celebrating 30 years-anniversary.

In October 2018, after the success of its first participation in NeoCon and the great interest aroused among the U.S. office furniture professionals, Narbutas USA, Inc. was established to face the U.S. market in a structured way, to promote the brand and the products, and above all to build the reputation as a reliable company.

Continuous development of the commercial network, collaboration with architecture and interior design firms, the realization of projects for important clients brought the desired results. However, the market during Covid-19 pandemic slowed down.

“This year is very different for our industry.  Although we are still a new brand in the U.S. market which is one of the most competitive places in the world, we are excited to offer to US consumer attractive package of modern European design products with a competitive price point. Our 400,000 sq.ft factory in Lithuania equipped to produce our standard products in 10 business days with sea transport in additional 4 weeks. For urgent inquiries airfreight is available,” states Natalija Daubare, President of Narbutas USA, Inc.

The recent opening of first NARBUTAS showroom in New York has definitively consolidated the company’s presence in the USA. Located in Chelsea, a trendy and bustling neighborhood in the heart of Manhattan, it is an elegant and dynamic 4,000 sq. ft showroom that best represents Narbutas and its way of understanding modern workspaces.

It is a stimulating location designed to welcome, involve, experience, stay close to and offer impeccable service to its customers. A showroom is open to partners, designers, architects who can experiment with the latest solutions proposed by Narbutas to stimulate creativity and productivity, and make work more flexible, safe and enjoyable.

The showroom has different functional areas, in which operative and executive workspaces interact wisely with the ones dedicated to reception, meetings, relaxation, as well as spaces devoted to silence and concentration, thus integrating fashion with functionality.

During this difficult time, it is important to rethink the planning of the workplaces in the offices. Narbutas can provide solutions for a healthy and smart workspace based on the real needs of customers. Desks with hands-free height adjustment via smartphone; Plexiglas desk screens to create a see-through barrier from cough/sneeze and allow team members to communicate freely; movable free-standing screens dividing the space and ensuring less exposure, especially in high traffic areas. All products can be made with easily cleanable materials. Furthermore, office furniture can be easily adapted to the home environment and create a comfortable workspace considering user’s needs and style choice. Narbutas has the complete range of solutions which are easily customizable according to the demands of the U.S. market.

The company encourages safe visits to the showroom in the most convenient way for the clients, assuring that there will not be a crowd of people visiting at the same time, using masks and other health and safety recommendations of WHO, disinfecting the place after every visit.

Narbutas USA Inc. is part of Narbutas, an international group of companies which also includes Narbutas International UAB, Narbutas Marketing UAB, Narbutas Lietuva UAB, Narbutas Ltd, SAS Narbutas France, Narbutas Nordic AB, Narbutas Deutschland GmbH.