Meet the Designers of the Pacific Chair

Jay Osgerby & Edward Barber on their new Pacific Chair

The Pacific Chair is the first office chair ever to be designed by the British duo Barber and Osgerby. Guided by the principle of “full performance, quiet design”, the details of the chair are derived from everyday utilitarian objects that exude a calm nature. Listen to Barber & Osgerby as they speak more about the details of their new design and what inspired it.

Meet the designers

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Would you like to try out the Pacific Chair? Vitra’s Pacific Chair Demo Program lets you experience mock-up chairs in your office.

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Unveil the technology

Did you know that, though simple in appearance, the Pacific Chair offers all the sophisticated functions necessary for ergonomic seating? Vitra’s task chair microsite reveals the technology hidden behind the linear silhouette and understated design of Barber & Osgerby’s new office chair.

Barber & Osgerby introduce Vitra’s new Pacific Chair to Interior Design Magazine

The Pacific Chair was among Vitra’s newest launches that were presented at this year’sNeoCon. British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby were at the Vitra showroom to present their first-ever task chair, captured in this short film by Interior Design Magazine.