Meet CET Designer User of the Month April Gidlof

Rendering created by April Gidlof in CET Designer

2015.0810.Tech.Configura.CETDesigner-User-of-the-Month-April-GidlofApril Gidlof thinks the most rewarding part about being a designer is to find the perfect design solution for a particular client.

“I love taking everything I’ve learned about a company, putting the pieces together and creating a design that fits their needs and reflects who they are,” says April, the lead interior designer at Nordon Business Environments, a Wisconsin-based Haworth dealer. “When customers get excited as they visualize their future space and you can tell it clicks with them – those are the moments that I work hard for in every project, and what I find most rewarding.”

April Gidlof is Configura’s CET Designer User of the Month.

She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in interior architecture from University of Wisconsin. She’s been using CET Designer for eight years. Her dealership made the switch to CET Designer as its primary space-planning tool about four years ago.

“If a particular project requires me to go back to AutoCAD, I sometimes use CET Designer to spec pieces and get the part number,” April said. “CET Designer is my go-to because it’s faster than looking it up in the pricelist.”

With CET Designer, April never hesitates to specify products and layouts that may be considered more complex than others because the software makes the process faster, easier and more accessible. She also thinks design becomes more visually interesting when working in CET Designer.

“Everyone wants a rendering all the time now,” April said. “I love to do them, but because we have tight deadlines, I had to get faster at using CET Designer for specification so I could spend more of my time on designing and creating 3D visuals.”

April is a big fan of the CET Designer User Conference. This year will be the fourth time she’s attending.

“I’m always looking forward to seeing what the Configura team comes up with next,” April said. “My favorite part of the conference is learning new ways to use the software and new tips and tricks.”

As for her own tip, she likes anything that can help her save time.

“My best tip is to save and reuse as much as you can,” April said. “Saving the Paper View and visibility settings that I use most often is a huge time-saver for me.”

When April isn’t creating incredible designs and renderings, she likes to spend time with her family. She and her husband usually spend a lot of time outside with their active one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, going for walks or playing with bubbles (their daughter’s favorite thing at the moment).