Meet CET Designer User of the Month Marcos Arizpe

Rendering in CET Designer by Marcos Arizpe
Marcos Arizpe

Configura’s CET Designer User of the Month is Marcos Arizpe of Steelcase. He’s also a presenter at the 10th annual CET Designer User and Developer Conference this Nov. 8-9 in Las Vegas.

On the visualization team at Steelcase Monterrey, Marcos has used CET Designer for more than four years for space planning, product specification, layouts, renderings and more.

“Before CET Designer, I used to jump into a project without any plan or organized way to do things. In CET Designer, you can plan how you work by focusing on one step of the design process at a time. It makes work more organized and simple,” Marcos said.

He studied industrial design at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, where he focused mostly on product design but I always felt an inclination toward art and visualization. His first job after college was as a visualizer at a local furniture company where he became interested in interior design.

He loves the process of design more than the final product: “A final product is beautiful, but it only tells a small percent of the story. The real value of design is in the process and how you focus all your passion and energy into it. That is what I love about design – much like art, knowing how much the designer spent in their work makes it more appreciable.”

Marcos’ rendering (featured here) is special because it showcases a turning point in how he had been using CET Designer: “It showed me the true capabilities and potential of the software as a rendering tool. The space is a showroom in New York. I decided to use it because of the multiple materials, colors and lights it had.”

His favorite thing about the software is how it offers a different array of solutions combined into a single tool.

“CET Designer is a very robust software,” he said.

His best CET Designer tip: “You can use windows inside your building and use them like light panels!”

When Marcos isn’t designing, you can find him drawing, painting or even reading up on ancient Greek philosophy.

Want to hear more from Marcos? Check him out at the 10th annual CET Designer User and Developer Conference where he’ll speak on Advanced Renderings in CET Designer. Learn more about the conference at