March CET Designer User of the Month – Stephanie Wolfson

1st Place Success Story by Stephanie Wolfson (screenshot of first page)
Stephanie Wolfson

Meet our March user of the month, Stephanie Wolfson, Project Designer at WRG and Success Story winner at the 2018 CET Designer Awards.

Stephanie has a passion for design and cares about the impact is has on the end users of the space. “Does it help them? Is it a better solution than what they started with? Does it create a positive environment?” Wolfson said.

Stephanie’s career didn’t start in interior design. In fact, it has taken several turns, including performing arts, marketing and PR, teaching, and finally interior design. She worked for several architecture and design firms in New York City before eventually returning home two years ago in Texas at WRG.

Stephanie says that working with CET Designer “has enabled me to devote more time to the details. Drawing a typical workstation takes no time at all, so now I can focus more on all the needs of large projects.”

For the past six and a half years, CET Designer has allowed her to draw, specify, and double check some of her biggest projects to date; which had more than 7,771 workstations for one client!

“Drawing the first one takes time and diligence to be accurate, but then all the others after take less than half the time to go from a blank drawing to full specs.“ She’s thankful for the drawing, specifying, rendering, and walk-through capabilities of CET Designer. She is also thankful for her co-workers, who help her take on such large projects.

When Stephanie isn’t creating spaces in CET Designer, she is heading up her very own non-profit called LMNOP that provides mentoring and leadership opportunities for the NYC A&D community. This year, she is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of LMNOP.