Introducing the GoGo Mobile Lounge and Bench Collection from Encore

GoGo Lounge and Single-Seat Bench

GoGo Collection | Designed by QDesign

GoGo Lounge Chair with Arms

In today’s environments, flexibility may be the name of the game, but thanks to GoGo from Encore, keeping up with change has never been easier or more fun. This irresistible new collection of lounge seating and benches not only allows for easy maneuverability, but also lends an easygoing aesthetic to corporate, higher education, coworking and other multi-use spaces.

Designed by Qdesign and marking Encore’s fifth collaboration with the Chicago-based firm, GoGo makes it simple for guests to rearrange their surroundings at a moment’s notice, whether getting together for collaboration sessions or breaking away for individual activities. Cleverly hidden casters on single-seat lounge and bench models provide the freedom to move spontaneously and help maintain a clean appearance, while the collection’s diminutive footprint and overall lightness of scale allows for love seats and larger benches to be easily moved via glides with minimal effort.

GoGo Armless Love Seat

Lounge and love seat models are offered with or without arms and in multi-tone upholstery options for nearly endless design possibilities. An optional leather pull handle on lounge chairs, available in four signature colors, adds both thoughtful detailing and functionality while providing even greater customization capabilities.

In similar fashion, benches also feature a design that’s conducive to two-tone upholstery, and maintain a similar seat-shape to their lounge counterparts to allow for continuity across spaces.

While its mobility features are the hallmark of the series, as implied by the collection’s name, the design intent had a much broader scope – to move away from bulky mobile seating with oversized casters and introduce a simple, downscaled piece that still maintains a high level of comfort and impeccable craftsmanship.

“GoGo is an exceptionally agile, well-appointed solution for today’s relaxed environments,” says Encore Director of Marketing, Tammie Alciatore. “Its ease of reconfigurability is eclipsed only by its playful design, and we’re excited to introduce this fun and social collection into Encore’s product offerings.”

GoGo Lounge + Love Seat with Arms

About Encore:

Raising the benchmark in design, comfort and quality, Encore is a leading provider of contemporary options- oriented seating and table products for a host of applications, ranging from corporate offices to educational institutions, hospitality, healthcare facilities and more.

With a focus on flexibility and personalized attention, Encore strives to provide innovative solutions for ever-changing requirements and deliver outstanding service for customers every time, offering extensive customization capabilities, a comprehensive Quick-Ship program, as well as partnerships with some of the most widely recognized textile manufacturers in the industry.

Sharing strong organizational ties to parent company, Arcadia, they are able to draw upon an established knowledge base of product design, engineering, sales and service, all the while maintaining competitive pricing and a comprehensive warranty on all products. An assured manufacturing capability, enduring commitment to new product development and responsive approach to customer service have solidified Encore’s reputation as a leader in the contract furniture market.

Encore is an Arcadia company.

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