Inspired by the Canals of Venice | Foscarini’s Caiigo

Foscarini.Caiigo by Marco Zito

In the Venetian dialect Caiigo means means fog, inspiring one of Marco Zito’s latest designs for Foscarini. Zito envisioned a design that would be reminiscent of the dreamlike light created by mist rising off the canals of Venice in the early morning hours.

2016.0314.ProdIntro.Foscarini.Caiigo by Marco Zito

The blown glass used for the lamps diffuser emerged from a tradition which stretches back a thousand years in Venice. The lamp is characterized by a nuanced effect, between the white and transparent, because of the artisan expertise of master glass-makers who make every single lamp unique.

Foscarini.Caiigo by Marco Zito -2

Its magic and the artisan process which made it gives a touch of poetry to its LED light which shines optimally downwards melding perfectly with its precious blown glass. Evocative both off and on, capable of bringing sensations from memory and nature to mind, Caiigo is a versatile centre stage element both at home and in contract settings, on its own, in linear compositions or grouped together.