HON Introduces Flexion: The Versatile Seat for Versatile Work

Office needs continue to shift, but comfort is one constant that remains a central focus. The HON Company, a leader in office furniture solutions, introduces Flexion: the versatile seat for versatile work.

Designed to move and adapt to your body and your day with a clean, nimble aesthetic and straightforward mechanisms, this flexible seating solution supports an on-the-go workstyle, with minimal adjustments and ample comfort. Flexion provides a seating solution for companies embracing multiple work postures, unassigned stations, and collaborative spaces.

Before his recent passing, Wolfgang Deisig of Deisig Design shared that, “prolonged static postures can stress the human body. This challenged us to reimagine the most static parts of a chair — the back and seat. So, we started by designing a back and a seat that could flex independently to respond to the body’s natural motion.”

Flexion is designed with dynamic flexion suspension that instantly creates individual, in-the-moment comfort within shared spaces like meeting rooms, touch-down workstations, and focus areas. This innovative chair concept allows for dynamic postures, relieves pressure points, and moves with the user, their body, and their day.

Flexion is available now. For more information on the product or any other HON products designed to Make Your Space Work® can be found at www.hon.com.

About HON: Since 1944, The HON Company, has been in the business of making workspaces work better. At HON, we believe a thoughtfully designed workspace sets the stage for better work, that’s why we go to great lengths to build office furniture that helps you work smarter, more comfortably, and on your terms. HON has showrooms in two major cities across the United States – New York City and Washington DC, as always at our headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa. For additional information, visit www.hon.com or follow HON on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.