The HON Company Announces Made in the USA

The HON Company has revealed its commitment to a U.S. operating model that is rare in today’s commercial furniture business. Making significant investments in new state-of-the-art manufacturing and fulfillment centers, HON remains focused on manufacturing most of its products in the USA – everything from individual components to complete furniture solutions.

“We are proud to be able to make most of our furniture here in the USA,” says Jerry Dittmer, President, The HON Company. “As we continue working hard to produce the best products for the best value, HON knows that doing it in the USA not only transforms the level of quality and service we can achieve, but it’s the right thing to do.”

In line with its culture of continuous improvement, HON’s emphasis on USA-built products represents an awareness of the speed and responsiveness expected from today’s commercial furniture customers. The company plans to take advantage of the opportunity to meet evolving industry standards of quality and recognizes that shifting market demands are rendering long supply chain networks obsolete.

“We believe that making our product here at home tells an important piece of our story,” says Dittmer. “It’s a symbol of our commitment to surpassing customer expectations of our products and the experience of doing business with HON.”

The company’s announcement is just the beginning of many exciting updates to come in 2017. With a focus on being better today than yesterday, HON dealers and customers can look forward to a broader collection of office furniture at relevant price points, more industry-leading selling tools and stronger fulfillment models with products made in the USA.

About The HON Company

Since 1944 The HON Company has delivered inspired practicality to the workplace. By obsessing over tiny details and emphasizing timeless over trendy, HON designs and manufactures workplace furniture including chairs, tables, desks, workstations and storage. Headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa, The HON Company has numerous manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States, and markets its products through a nationwide network of loyal distribution partners. The HON Company is the largest operating company of HNI Corporation, a leading global office furniture manufacturer (NYSE: HNI). For more information, visit