HOLLY HUNT Introduces New Lighting by JMW Studio, Wall Coverings, Textiles and More for Spring 2023

Following its introduction to the HOLLY HUNT portfolio last Spring, the JMW Studio lighting collection has expanded with nine free-blown glass sculptures, all handcrafted in the studio’s Paris atelier. ​​Two new sconces, which also double as ceiling mounts – Cive and Gamma – showcase age-old glassblowing techniques such as filigree, frit, and the use of centrifugal force, resulting in beautiful, glimmering light fixtures that double as works of art.

The Spring 2023 JMW Studio launch also includes stately new chandelier configurations for the Autumn Light, Winter Light, Cloud and Pilule pieces introduced last year, along with a petite version of the brand’s popular Pilule Pendant. 

Nine elegant new wall coverings join the HOLLY HUNT Walls portfolio this Spring, including an embossed performance vinyl inspired by the flowing veins of organic stone, a painterly metallic sisal that conjures a vintage watercolor, a luxurious suede-like material – and more.

HOLLY HUNT’s Relaxed & Refined Collection – a tactile and visual expression of ‘exhaling and letting go’ – expands with a new selection of ultra-versatile textiles for indoor and outdoor use, along with one new plush Alpaca wool rug.

Finally, HOLLY HUNT’s new Plateau Cocktail Table and Plateau Side Table are designed to transition effortlessly between indoor and outdoor environments, made of durable fiberglass-reinforced concrete. The rounded base calls to mind river stones that have been smoothed and shaped by the flow of water over time.