HKS Expands Interior Design and Strategy Expertise

HKS announces the expansion of its interior practice with the recent hires of designers Jill Duncan, David Lubin, Grant Kanik and Gracie Andraos. Adding to HKS’ award-winning interior design for hospitality, sports and healthcare, the new designers will expand the firm’s expertise by adding depth in commercial, workplace and retail design, with an emphasis on strategy.

“This is a tipping point for our interior and strategy practice, where we’ve put an emphasis on creating a diverse and globalized team,” said Dan Noble, president and CEO of HKS. “Adding four senior designers at once is game changing for what we can offer to our clients, and will have a big impact on the culture of design that we are cultivating here at HKS.”

Jill Duncan

Duncan, an associate principal and senior vice president based in HKS’ Dallas headquarters, has more than 25 years of experience in workplace strategy. She is focused on creating a transformational mind-shift that will compel organizations to action.

“One of my huge values is to make a difference,” Duncan said. “I’m a maximizer, and so I need to make good, great.”

David Lubin

Lubin, also an associate principal and senior vice president based in Dallas, has 23 years of experience and is making a return to HKS. Lubin will be a vital element in the development of talent and strategy as Generation Z begins integrating into the office space.

“The opportunity for mentorship is incredible,” Lubin said. “At the end of the day, it’s all about raising the level of design.”

Grant Kanik

Kanik, a senior vice president based in the London office, has won many global design awards and was credited for designing the ‘office of the future’ by The Financial Times. In addition to his workplace portfolio, Kanik has also worked extensively with retail, education hospitality and residential clients.”

“I see strategy as a bridge between interiors and architecture,” Kanik said. “Rising rents and increased competition for staff means our clients need thoughtful, intelligent design that drives performance and satisfaction.  Every square foot must work as hard as possible. No space has just one function.”

Gracie Andraos

Andraos, a vice president based in Dallas, is a second-generation designer and has more than 15 years of experience in corporate interiors. As a senior interior designer, she is putting an emphasis on mentorship and enhancing the design process.

“The opportunity to influence people in terms of design thinking drew me to HKS,” Andraos said. “By creating an open atmosphere where everyone’s point of view counts, we’re encouraging more meaningful design solutions.”

Current interior design projects on the boards include the repositioning of the one-million-square-foot Campus at Legacy West and JPMorgan Chase’s new 1.2 million-square-foot campus, both in Plano, Texas; Brinker International’s Dallas headquarters; several co-working spaces; and renovations for one of oldest, most prestigious law firms in the U.K.

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