Hightower: “We Give this Design an A for Creativity”

Creative Space Maker

Our FourReal®A Table is a unique and clever design suited for any sized environment and capable of making single spaces multi-functional. The “A” frame offers more than beautiful lines; humans naturally lower their voices when conversing with something overhead. Optimizing the use of an area is a common office issue. Our FourReal®A Table is a solution to this issue while also inspiring people to come together for creative moments of collaboration. This occasion piece serves multiple purposes throughout the workday. Learn More…

A Green Approach

Add a touch of green and inspire creativity by including a planter box for FourReal®A. Hospitality, restaurant, and bar spaces can add their choice of decor such as plants or flowers.

Pull up a Four® Stool

The Four® Stools and Benches have tubular metal frames that match the FourReal®A. Their oak bentwood seats add a residential feel suited for education spaces or hospitality settings. Shop Four® Stools

New Heights

Pick from cafe or counter height tables depending on your ideal setting. Or mix and match to create a layered look.

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