HBFT Spring 2016 Collection by Mary Jo Miller

HBFT.Spring 2016 Collection

HBF Textiles Highlights Color, Texture, Yarn, and Hue in Spring 2016 Collection – Latest Introduction Shines Spotlight on Fabric’s Core Components, Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Vibrant LC Palette

Known for their artful and authentic approach to design, HBF Textiles is going back to the classics for its Spring 2016 Collection. HBF Textiles Vice President of Design Mary Jo Miller started with Le Corbusier’s infamous LC Palette of colors from the 1920s, and used these fresh shades as a catalyst for the collection. Playful textures such as nubby boucle and performance polyurethane complement the colors. This tactile series with strong performance attributes, such as bleach cleanable properties, finds a comfortable home in HBF Textiles’ classic offering, whether standing on its own or paired with other HBF Textiles favorites.

“The Spring 2016 collection looks at yarn, texture, and structure, and marries them with color in a fresh way,” explains Mary Jo Miller. “It was especially exciting to reference the LC Palette colors and see how something so classic can still be embodied by a line that is perfectly modern.”

The series includes five designs in an orchestration of colors that make up an impressive 50 SKUs. Featuring a lofty textural boucle, a supple performance-based coated fabric, a chenille etched angular design, a European pearl-coated leather, and a curvaceous script jacquard; all share a unifying color palette that highlights each piece’s unique textural interest.

Fabrics in the Spring 2016 Collection are:

HBFT.Faux Real IIFaux Real II: An indulgent coated fabric with an extended scope of colors stretching from mid tones to classic neutrals in a stepped range of values, Faux Real II expands the polyurethane suite from HBF Textiles. This durable piece is built with bleach cleanable performance at its core, but still maintains a charming 1920’s color sensibility. Available in 18 colors: Marshmallow, Parchment, Greige, Stainless Steel, Submarine, Heirloom, Persimmon, Saffron, Latte, Rhino, Seaglass, Gulf, New Emerald, Deep Navy, Jam, Java, Seal, India Ink.

HBFT.Merci BoucleMerci Boucle: A physically tactile delight of curls and bumps is achieved through the primary boucle surface yarn in this epingle construction. Merci Boucle features a vast spectrum of hues from pastels through deep rich shades, which mix and match for a modern appeal, with bleach cleanable attributes. Available in 15 colors: Meringue, Macaroon, Gris, Sidewalk, Ash, Cathedral, Fleur, Sorbet, Poppy, Rouge, Dijon, Chartreuse, Wintergreen, Du Jour, Indigo.

HBFT.PearlPearl: Pearl is an elegant, supple European crust leather with a micro metallic pigment and protective finish. This stunning lustrous leather with the grandeur of the 1920s Great Gatsby era. Available in five colors: Oyster, Champagne, Mink, Sterling, Caviar.

HBFT.Soft AnglesSoft Angles: A fluffy interpretation of a frosted graphic, Soft Angles rounds out the edges of an otherwise structural design. Surprisingly bleach cleanable, the chenille yarns within Soft Angles propel this design into a range of contract or residential settings. Available in six colors: Alpine, Sorbet, Indigo, Copper, Violet, Chartreuse.

HBFT.Squiggle StripeSquiggle Stripe: Squiggle Stripe’s impressively stitched, shapely lines are woven on a burlap background for a design with impact on large-scale surfaces. Ideal for banquette upholstery or benches with its railroaded application, Squiggle Stripe highlights shapely lines of hue on a neutral field. Available in six colors: Dijon, Chartreuse, Indigo, Rouge, Violet, Cote d’Azur.

About HBF Textiles
HBF Textiles gives dimension to the lives and spaces of users, designers and communities through the essential qualities of fabric. Our expertise comes from understanding the inherent qualities of fabric—yarn, dyeing, spinning, structure and weave. What we produce is not just textiles, but a larger web of relationships. Weaving textiles together with manufacturing and production, we are part of a two-hundred year old legacy of textile manufacturing within North Carolina. And, with like-minded mills and collaborators––locally and globally––we explore together the myriad of possibilities of what fabric can be.
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About Mary Jo Miller
Vice President of Design and Development for HBF Textiles Mary Jo Miller has been the creative visionary behind HBF Textiles for over twenty five years. During her tenure, Miller has led the development of a number of award-winning collections and been responsible for translating the works of interior designers, architects and industrial designers into the textile medium. Her own textile collections are experiments with color, texture and graphics and represent some of HBF Textiles best sellers.