Haworth: New Choices for the Workplace

Introducing Resonate Lounge Seating

Offer people choice in destinations for work, collaboration, and connection. Resonate™ is a collection of comfortable contemporary, modular lounge furnishings that support people during those in-between times when ideas form. Its lightweight base and uniform structure let you add, relocate, reconfigure, or simply move pieces together or apart within a space as needs change.


Bringing Choice to the Workplace

Not everyone works or collaborates the same way. Hear why designer Carlos Martinez believes we want and need flexible social spaces that offer people choices in where and how they work together.


Oceanic: Polyester with a Purpose

Made entirely from upcycled plastic, Oceanic uses debris collected from the ocean’s surface and discarded water bottles to create a beautiful, sustainable, responsibly sourced fabric—now available on Haworth seating.


Haworth Payment Solutions:
Simple, Flexible Financing Options Get You Back to the Workplace

Furnish your workplace easily and affordably with our comprehensive financing program. Whether you’re designing a new space or transforming your current one, Haworth Payment Solutions has a variety of plans and options to fit any business need—and any budget.