Focal Point Introduces a Petite Fixed Cove Lighting Solution with Impressive Performance

Enhance and draw attention to architectural details while contributing to ambient illumination with the latest cove lighting solution from Focal Point®: Covert Lite™. A complement to Covert®, an adjustable cove lighting solution, Covert Lite™ is a petite, cost competitive, fixed LED cove light that delivers powerful illumination. It is designed to meet the needs of simple cove architectures, cost-conscious projects, or those with tight schedules.

The low-profile luminaire, with a shallow 2″ housing height, is suitable for coves ranging from 4″ to 24″ in height and mounts in drywall, grid, and industry-leading pre-engineered cove ceiling solutions. Its design flexibility is evident with the ability to specify individual units or continuous linear runs in 1′ increments for uninterrupted, even illumination. The installation of continuous runs is made easy with a quick connect thru-wire, accommodating up to a 1″ gap between luminaires.

Its clean form and superior effect are achieved by a fully concealed optic delivering up to 1200 lumens per foot. An asymmetric beam distribution, optimized for visual appeal, provides even illumination for corridors, lobbies, and other commercial spaces.

Engineered with ease of installation and maintenance in mind, Covert Lite provides easy driver access, secure mounting, and a lens which offers protection from debris. Cost competitive and offered as part of Focal Point’s 10-day Quickship program as of October 2, 2017, Covert Lite provides the ideal solution for cost conscious, quick-turn commercial projects.

Covert, a flexible cove lighting solution that delivers complete control with precise directional aiming and a choice of 3 small profiles for those applications that need superior adjustability. With a light scoop and a bar adjustment it gives lighting professionals complete control to achieve the perfect effect for coffered, sloped, or arched ceilings.

 Enhance architecture with the Covert family. 

 About Focal Point, LLC

Focal Point is a Chicago-based family owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer. Like no other manufacturer, we focus on creating great luminaire designs that stand the test of time – with beautifully simple forms to complete your architectural statement, and optimal illumination to comfortably define the space and its purpose. We believe great lighting isn’t just about meeting technical design requirements. It’s about people. It’s about creating a more beautiful, functional environment wherever people live, work or gather. That’s why we employ fully engaged and empowered people who are passionate about the lighting they design and build. That’s why we value our partnerships with people who represent, specify and use our products – offering trust, integrity and the personalized attention that makes Focal Point easy to work with. And that’s why we’re proud to call ourselves lighting people – your independent provider of sustainable, American-built lighting products that make a difference for beautiful architectural spaces and the people who inhabit them.