Flos Architectural Introduces Tracking Magnet EVO

The Tracking Magnet EVO system is creative, flexible, reliable and precise, carrying a 48-volt electrical core that runs up, around and across walls and ceilings. The system uses magnets as an attachment mechanism, in which each light strip or fixture can be easily re-positioned without tools, connecting automatically by touch to allow for a sleek design and no exposed hardware.

This is the only magnetic track on the market with just 0.6” slot that can be seamlessly incorporated in the architecture of any space. Contract projects, such as retail displays and other environments where frequent changes are typical and absolute performance is required, greatly benefit from this innovative system.

Now, Flos Architectural makes two important updates that expand upon the current offering and allow users even greater control. Tracking Magnet EVO will now incorporate Flos Architectural’s new Smart Control capabilities, allowing for 0-10V dimming for all light strips and optional fixtures, such as Spot, Anthony Spot or Wallee. The offer of light fixtures has also increased, with options for a Spot120 and a Super HE Spot150 that uses a high-efficiency borosilicate glass reflector. In addition, the suspended track option is now available in a new finish: chrome, alongside the original black and white finishes.

For more information, please visit the website: www.architectural.flosusa.com