Ergotech Launches 7Flex® Monitor Arm

Ergotech.7FlexMeet the latest member of the Ergotech family…7Flex®!

2015.0921.ProdIntro.Ergotech.7FlexThe 7Flex® Monitor Arm suspends your flat panel monitor above the work surface and comes equipped with SIX mounting options, giving you the ability to adapt to any workspace setup you may have!

Move the monitor precisely where you need it, and simply move it out of the way when not in use.

The unique slim profile design folds up flat to occupy just 3.5″ of space.

Ergotech.7FlexDualDual Model Option

Available as a dual, the 7Flex® allows you to mount two monitors up to 17lbs each on their own arm, allowing for extreme flexibility and independent placement.

7Flex® is also available as a Single HD model, allowing for heavier monitors (both PC & iMac®) up to 31lbs.

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