The Chameleon Collection: Kaleidoscopic Cladding to Inspire Employees

Photo courtesy of Marcel Wanders

Introducing the Chameleon Collection, a new collaboration between Dutch designer Marcel Wanders and PURE + FREEFORM, manufacturer of custom architectural walls and ceilings:

A series of eight new metal panel finishes, the Chameleon Collection presents a new vision for the future of architecturally expressive interiors. Designed for workplace applications, the finishes reveal 3D mesmerizing effects and create experiences with natural and artificial light, scale, distance, reflection, movement and form.

The collection offers a number of unique benefits, including:

  • Brain Stimulation: According to a 2016 study published by doctors at Florida State University, working in an unstimulating environment takes the biggest toll on brain health as people age. The Chameleon Collection promotes brain stimulation with designs that constantly transform through changes in light, reflection, vantage point and movement.

  • Acoustics: Research indicates that poor acoustics negatively affect employees’ productivity, stress levels and morale. The Chameleon Collection offers optional panel perforation, which assists with a space’s acoustics, limiting echo and reducing noise for open-office environments. Additionally, the small size of the perforation guarantees that aesthetics are not compromised.

  • Artwork: The unique patterns of the Chameleon Collection were thoughtfully designed by an iconic designer, elevating them to the status of art. The panels can be used as a decor in interiors either as accent walls or full spaces, giving the workplace a refined yet intriguing appearance.

  • Cost Effective: The metal panels designed by PURE + FREEFORM, while maintaining an upscale aesthetic, are a cost-effective option requiring minimal maintenance. Designed to last decades without disrepair, the panelling is a facility-sensitive option that offer a significant return on investment in upkeep costs.

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