ASI Featured Project: The Paul Hotel, Incorporating Regional Culture into a Brand

Project.ASI.Paul Hotel

Located in the vibrant North of Madison (“NoMad”) neighborhood in Manhattan, The Paul Hotel is known for being a go to place to feel like a real New Yorker.

This experience begins as soon as you enter the property. A major element in the design strategy of the hotel was selecting materials that speak to the unique and lively culture of NYC. Ronica Sharma, Developer, Sharma Group Development, shares: “We wanted to create a custom marble floor for the lobby that was classic but in a playful way and would feel authentic. An intricate and detailed tile design was created from a special offering in the ASI Natural Stone Collection.” The NY state of mind continues into the guest rooms, where a warm tonal wood grain vinyl flooring was selected from the Wood Vinyl Collection and serves as a perfect counterpoint to the grey furniture and neutral materials in the space.

“I have worked with Architectural Systems for years and I feel like I am part of the family, they understand my design preferences and I always walk away happy… it’s a wonderful experience”

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