Concurrents: It’s Delightful, It’s Delicious, It’s De-lovely

Jen Levisen

Fall has meant one thing at my house for the last 19 years: soccer. My husband is the coach for a neighboring community’s high school boys’ soccer team and absolutely THRIVES during all of it. But on my end, mid-August through early November often feels more like survival of the fittest. Balancing a career, a household, the busy lives of two growing boys, and our golden retriever often leaves no time for anything that’s not on my daily to-do list (diligently prepared the night before). 

That type of pace thrives in controlled settings. I know that. I can sometimes prepare for that — I fondly recall that one time in 2016 when I meal prepped; good times. But if I have learned anything in 2023, it is that absolutely nothing NOTHING is within my control, and if I want to manage the discomfort of that, I had better find it from within because no Cole Porter song, no artfully karate chopped throw pillow, no bedtime PR, and no glass of wine is going to cut it.  

I’ve been working to find an internal contentment over the last few months. While it has often felt like falling head over foot off a SUP in the Pacific Ocean, I have found a few daily practices that have helped, my favorite being finding delight.  

Finding delight looks different each day. I can carve time out to needlepoint, read, or run — all things I know make me happy. Or throughout the day, or most likely at the end of the day, I can write down something that warmed my heart or made me smile. Some days, those things are big — like my oldest coming home and saying he LOVES middle school after months of scited (scared + excited) anticipation. And some days, it’s small — like drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning sunlight. 

This daily practice has proven to be centering, comforting, and rewarding — especially now during my family’s busiest season. I reached out to a few industry colleagues I admire to see if they’d share what they’ve found delight in recently and why, and I’d love to hear if this practice resonates with you. What has brought you delight? Reach out via email or LinkedIn so we can continue the conversation! 

Christopher Stulpin Chief Creative Officer in the Building Materials industry; A&D expert; Customer Experience specialist; Consultant 

About 5 years ago, I decided to create something for myself called the Happiness Project. Every day at 7 a.m., I post an interesting/funny picture on Facebook. It’s meant to spark a smile to my friends and family. What I have received in return are wonderful messages from my friends and family saying that they look forward to seeing what I post every morning because it starts their day with a laugh. I couldn’t ask for anything more delightful than that. Being committed every morning to making people smile is a great way to start my day. 

Brandi Susewitz Founder of Reseat 

Let’s face it: my life is a whirlwind from the moment I wake up until approximately 6 p.m. The demands of a startup and various commitments keep me constantly on the move. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, I find immense joy in spending time with my 2-year-old granddaughter, who lives with us. One of the highlights of my day is taking short 5-minute breaks to share a hug with her. I can literally feel the stress melt away from my body during those precious moments. It serves as a powerful reminder of the simple joys that make life truly meaningful. 

Martin Flaherty President of Pencilbox, Inc.; Co-Host of “Tailgating With Geniuses” podcast; Co-Creator of Torque Sessions Co-Creator; Consultant 

Positive gatherings. Each Labor Day weekend, Atlanta hosts And while I’ve never paid to attend, my family (my kids are 26 and 33, respectively) would travel Saturday morning at 8 a.m. to watch the annual DragonCon Parade, which opens the event. It’s dorkdom at its finest (and we’re Sci-Fi dorks), and the entire crowd is lit up in anticipation. There’s cheering, hooting, and hollering, and an air of excitement, acceptance, and joy. It’s the ultimate in celebrating the oddballs and the love of deep fandom. There is joy in knowing we can gather without picking a side and simply/collectively find communal joy. That delighted me. 

Linda Sorrento Acting Chief Operations Officer of mindful MATERIALS 

This morning, I participated in water aerobics outdoors. It’s the last class of the summer. One of my swim buds lamented that she’ll not only miss our refreshing, soothing exercise, she’ll miss our community of ladies and playful banter. 

For me, it’s my connection nature, I learned this when I was a young girl. I grew up along Lake Erie and found a magical place to return to after school. It was an opening in the woods at the cliff. The sun would dapple its light through the leaves as I nestled in the soft pine moss. I was alone in my thoughts as I viewed the lake and the occasional soaring bald eagle. The softness that enveloped me was incredibly soothing.   

Doug Shapiro Host of Imagine A Place Podcast; VP of Research and Insights at OFS 

I’m sure that you love getting “fan mail” — a small note from someone who appreciates your content … I sure do. Something small that I find delight in is sending “fan mail” when I read an article or hear an interview I love. I’ll send a small note on LinkedIn to let someone know when they made something awesome. 

Jen Levisen is a writer, editor, and content strategist passionate about connecting and storytelling and using both to highlight impact. She is the Director of Communications for mindful MATERIALS and is the host of the Impact Icons podcast, an Imagine a Place Production. 

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