KI Touts the Power of Storytelling at NeoCon

KI and its subsidiary Pallas Textiles are unveiling four new offerings at NeoCon this year. Each has a powerful story at its core, the manufacturer says. From solutions that deliver privacy within an open environment to playful and vibrant textiles, the offerings pair adaptability with imagination.

WiggleRoom Super Structure

WiggleRoom Super Structure is the latest entrant to KI’s portfolio of freestanding walls and pods. Available in several configurations and sizes, Super Structure is a post and beam system that creates freestanding spaces within open-plan environments such as classrooms, libraries, media centers and offices.

“WiggleRoom Super Structure allows organizations to offer employees, students and patients a respite from the hustle and bustle,” said Nate Quintal, product marketing manager at KI.[1] “In the wake of the pandemic, people are also looking for private spaces where they can work safely or engage with off-site colleagues. Super Structure meets those needs by enabling the creation of spaces that can support both individuals and small teams employing all sorts of work styles.”

Super Structure can be specified to incorporate technology for videoconferencing and convenience power for charging electronic devices. It’s available with a variety of wall finishes and privacy options as well.

WiggleRoom Super Structure
WiggleRoom typical configuration

LimeLite Seating

KI is also launching a collection of stack chairs called LimeLite — its first since the release of Strive. Created in partnership with industrial designer Aaron DeJule, LimeLite provides versatile yet refined stack, task, nesting and high-density seating for schools, businesses and more.

“LimeLite seeks to address the three main reasons people purchase stack seating: architecturally inspired aesthetics, comfort and flexibility for a wide variety of uses,” said Julie Stadtmueller, senior product marketing manager at KI. “We’ve long been a leader in the market for stack seating and are proud to break new ground with this beautifully contoured design.”

LimeLite Stacking Chair
LimeLite’s built-in handle

Zoetry Lounge Collection

Zoetry is the product of a collaboration with industrial designer and Best of NeoCon winner David Allen Pesso. Previewed at NeoCon last year in a limited capacity, Zoetry will be prominently featured throughout KI’s showroom in 2022.

“Zoetry delivers an experience that’s both functional and luxurious,” said Angela Allen, director of product marketing at KI. “The beautifully upholstered screens on deeply cushioned lounge seating create unique pockets of privacy, while stylish cast aluminum legs and extrusions add elegant appeal.”

Zoetry offers several specification options – including opposing orientation, contrast stitching and privacy screens – to allow designers and purchasers to tailor pieces to suit their environment.

Zoetry Lounge Chair, Sofa and Cocktail Table
Zoetry Guest Tandem

Cirque Collection

Last but not least, KI subsidiary Pallas Textiles is debuting its Cirque Collection at NeoCon.

“The Cirque aesthetic marries playfulness and urbanity, elegance and whimsy, to create an immersive, high-energy sensory experience,” said Dean Lindsley, vice president of Pallas Textiles. “With this new collection, we’re looking to provoke a sense of drama and creative intrigue — and allow our customers to tell unexpected stories through our textiles.”

Pallas Cirque applied
Pallas Cirque Patterns
Pallas Cirque Patterns

KI is writing a new chapter at NeoCon this year. Attendees can see all KI has to offer in showroom #1181. For more information, visit