Furniture Days Appears in North America for the First Time in May

Award-winning design workshop to be presented in North America for the first time, May–July 2016

2016.04215.Events.Interprint.Furniture DaysFor the first time in its nine-year history, the internationally renowned, immersive design experience known as Furniture Days is coming to North America.

Furniture Days is an annual workshop, tied together this year with the theme On Focus, and designed to share insight, inspiration, and excitement about design trends. Created by the global décor printing company Interprint, the event has grown from a one-stop experience at its flagship location in Arnsberg, Germany to a global event traveling to Russia, China, Brazil, and soon to The Berkshires of Massachusetts, from May 18 to July 29 for the final leg of the world tour.

The event seeks to offer inspiration to designers and specifiers across the globe, and for its inaugural appearance in North America, attendees will experience an adaptation of the workshop that is geographically relevant to this part of the world. Bill Hines, Co-Managing Director of Interprint in Pittsfield, Mass., said On Focus will illustrate the different ways we experience various spaces, from living rooms to restaurants to offices.

“The On Focus theme was devised to illustrate that time is increasingly taken for granted in our fast-pace, global society,” he said. “Through this experience-based model, it highlights a need for environments that champion life’s otherwise fleeting moments, and also explores how surface design contributes effectively to these environments.”

Starting the clock at midnight, On Focus will condense a 24-hour day into six stations of immersive moments, exploring new types of surface designs amid illustrative time stories. Peter Garlington, Design Director at Interprint, explained that décors that Interprint has identified as rising trends will also be woven throughout the space: grey shades and yellow accent colors, for instance, are among this year’s examples.

“Presenting Furniture Days in North America is a great opportunity to engage with the industry about design and cover some broader topics such as where trends come from, which trends are relevant, and why,” he said. “We see these conversations as a two-way street: input and feedback are as essential to innovation as research and experimentation.”

For more information, visit, call (413) 443-4733, or search #FurnitureDaysNA.

Interprint.Furniture Days1
Salvatore Figliuzzi, Director of Marketing and Design for Interprint in Arnsberg, Germany, explains the Furniture Days theme. This year, it’s all about time.
Interprint.Furniture Days2
Visitors experience the course of a day in about one hour. Here is the first station in the morning: the bathroom. Accent colors and main colors are explored at this point of the workshop.
Interprint.Furniture Days3
A short stopover on the ‘way to work—‘ an opportunity to explore further time stories and décor topics.
Interprint.Furniture Days4
New types of surface design and the interplay of visual and tactile effects are the main topics at the ‘office’ station.
Interprint.Furniture Days5
‘Reditional’ – translating traditional looks into modern designs – is the topic in the ‘bar’.

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