Apr. 10: Open Space Experts Talk Taking Action for Parks (WXY and NY4P)

The group New Yorkers for Parks (NY4P) and design firm WXY architecture + urban design have announced the final of a four-part series of public discussions on how cities can create more and better-designed parks and open spaces.

The talk, to be held on Tuesday, April 10th, at 6:00pm at New York Law School, is titled “Open Space Dialogues: From New Perspectives to Action.” Drawing on previous themes of value, design, development, policy, and financing, this final installment in the series focuses on issues of rezoning and land use. Asking, “where do we go from here?” leading parks researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers join for a discussion of prioritizing parks and open spaces as critical urban infrastructure. Among the specific topics to be explored are:

  • How neighborhood-scale rezonings have treated open spaces;
  • Different tools that stakeholders have used to create and communicate open space priorities;
  • Opportunities and challenges faced by city agencies and local stakeholders for future rezonings;
  • Research or tools that can help bolster the role of parks and open spaces in conversations on land use;

“Our previous events identified the ways in which open space can improve the value of urban neighborhoods, considered the role that design plays in the redevelopment process, and explored new regulatory and financing frameworks,” says WXY’s Adam Lubinsky, who will moderate the talk. “Now we’re looking to see how these threads tie together in a rapidly growing and developing city, and understand what it takes to ensure that conversations on parks and open space are inclusive and effective.”

“Now that we’ve explored the how and why of open space, we’re turning our focus to a reality facing many New Yorkers today: neighborhood-scale rezonings that affect our critical city infrastructure, and hence our parks and open space,” adds Lynn Kelly, executive director of NY4P. “What’s worked well in the past and how do we apply it to what’s in the pipeline? We’re convening a diverse coalition of open space experts and community leaders, because with so much at stake we must learn from many perspectives.”

About the Event:

WHAT:  Panel discussion on “Open Space Dialogues: From New Perspectives to Action”

WHO: Adam Lubinsky, Ph.D., AICP, managing principal, WXY architecture + urban design (moderator)

Lucy Robson, director of research & planning, New Yorkers for Parks

Deborah Marton, executive director, New York Restoration Project

Joe Mayock, executive director, Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn

Everette Hamlette, Documentarian

Mychal Johnson, co-founding member, South Bronx Unite;

Tawkiyah Jordan, senior planner, New York City Department of City Planning.

WHEN:  Tuesday, April  10th, 6:00pm.

WHERE: The Center for New York City Law at New York Law School185 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Join New Yorkers for Parks and WXY architecture + urban design, on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, for Open Space Dialogues: From New Perspectives to Action, an evening of provocative presentations and discussion.  Following events focused on open space value, design, development, policy, and financing, we have a panel of leading parks practitioners, decision-makers, activists, and stakeholders. Our panelists will reflect on the interrelated themes of the series and turn their focus to open space and rezonings. By sharing recent work and expertise, or focusing on our case study, Southern Boulevard, they will answer questions regarding some of the most pressing issues facing our city’s open spaces.

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About New Yorkers for Parks
Founded in 1908, New Yorkers for Parks is the citywide independent champion of quality parks and open spaces for all New Yorkers. Through research, advocacy, and the Daffodil Project, NY4P works with communities and elected officials to create and preserve quality open space across the city.  www.ny4p.org

About WXY architecture + urban design
WXY is an award-winning, studio-based multidisciplinary partnership based in New York City. Specializing in the public dimension of design, WXY’s planning, architectural and urban design work is celebrated for its innovative approach on behalf of public and private initiatives. WXY excels in complex urban challenges, education and civic buildings, parks and waterfront developments, and other projects ranging from furniture designs to regional plans. WXY’s integrated design process involves clients and stakeholders, yielding valuable solutions both large and small. Learn more at  www.wxystudio.com.