New Solar Lighting Solutions Are Launching Solar Lighting to Standard Status


An interior space fitted with Parans Solar Lighting luminaires.
An interior space fitted with Parans Solar Lighting luminaires. Photography: courtesy of Parans Solar Lighting

Solar lighting still has a long way to go in achieving status as a “standard” part of most projects. But companies in the solar lighting industry are working diligently to change that.

After three generations of product and 13 years on the market, Swedish green tech company Parans Solar Lighting is continuing to move boundaries of how natural light can be used. In London this March at EcoBuild 2016, Parans launched the fourth generation of its Paranslight product, a solar light solution that captures and leads natural sunlight from the outdoors into a building’s interior.

Parans luminaires bringing natural daylight to the interior

“Our philosophy is simple – use sunlight first and artificial when you must,” said Parans CEO Nils Nilsson, in his EcoBuild press address. “Through this, we create a sustainable world and more pleasant indoor environments for humans.”

The benefits of natural light on humans are of course now common knowledge. In the workplace, people can experience increased productivity, job satisfaction, and a number of wellbeing benefits if an adequate amount of natural light is available to them. While this topic has been measured in many, many research studies, lighting solutions geared at building upon that research are still evolving; more windows are just the beginning of what’s possible in providing access to natural daylight in the right areas, at the right levels, and at the right times.

Parans Solar Lighting solutions are built on high quality cabling tech that retains the healthy full spectrum of solar light and its luminosity all the way through to its destination. With a receiver on the exterior of a building, the cables direct the light through the property into the desired area through luminaries that spread the light on the interior.

Parans Receiver SP3 – Exterior roof-mounted
Parans Receiver SP3 – Exterior roof-mounted

The fiber optic cables Parans uses are thin and flexible, and can be installed through walls and over ceilings. Where adding more daylight traditionally means restructuring the building’s shell in some way, the Parans flexible cables are instead drawn inside these structures, helping architects and designers to use floor space more efficiently and cut down on construction.

The new Paranslight SP4 solution uses a modular system that can easily adapt and expand in order to provide the desired room with sunlight, whether that room is on the second, 10th or 30th floor of a building – or all of those. SP4 features new 100-meter cables, and enables architects and designers to choose between 4-20 cables per system. The largest systems have a receiving panel of just two square meters that can supply more than 200 square meters with sunlight.

A neonatal hospital wing equipped with Parans Solar Lighting luminaires
A neonatal hospital wing equipped with Parans Solar Lighting luminaires.

The application possibilities for solar light products like Parans are endless: in the workplace, healthcare settings of every kind, education, retail, residential and industrial facilities.

Urban density will continue to surge, and urban planners, architects and designers will continue to seek out creative ways to facilitate access to the benefits of natural sunlight in our cities. Natural sunlight will be able to reach everything from the inner makeup of any skyscraper to deep tunnels and industrial plants.

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2016.0418.Parans7.FrescatiParans Solar Lighting is just one of many companies in the solar light industry making excellent progress in offering more innovative and cost-efficient solutions for a growing customer base. The possibility of moving solar lighting into an established standard in the built environment is an exciting one, and one that we hope will become a reality soon.