Unika Vaev Welcomes New Sales Reps to Continue Strong Growth In Acoustical Solutions Market


Unika Vaev, provider of fresh solutions for contract textile and acoustical needs, is pleased to announce the addition of new Sales Representatives to their team.

KMA & Associates, Inc is a multi-line manufacturer’s rep group whose focus is on quality products and outstanding customer service. Serving the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Western PA territories, KMA has a dedicated customer support person at the office/showroom in Cleveland, OH, with five sales representatives located throughout the different states.

KMA represents an excellent range of commercial and contract products in both the architectural and furniture categories. They are thrilled to be adding textiles and acoustics from Unika Vaev to the family of products.

The KMA Team from left to right:

Melinda Lewis can be reached at MLEWIS@KMA.BZ or via phone at (513) 478 2998.
Lori Gibson can be reached at LGIBSON@KMA.BZ or via phone at (859) 588 5688.
John Petrovic can be reached at JPETROVIC@KMA.BZ or via phone at (440) 725 4610.
Candy McDowall can be reached at CMCDOWALL@KMA.BZ or via phone at (614) 266 2252.
Pat Kendrick can be reached at PKENDKRICK@KMA.BZ or via phone at (317) 201 3397.

John Petrovic is the President of KMA, handling northern Ohio and western PA. He is backed by Candy McDowall in Columbus, OH, serving the central Ohio territory. Melinda Lewis is located in and covers Cincinnati. Pat Kendrick resides in Indianapolis, serving Indiana, and Lori Gibson manages the state of Kentucky from Louisville.

Unika Vaev was founded in 1975 and offers solutions for all your textile needs. Unika Vaev’s extensive Acoustical Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetical acoustical ceiling, wall, floor and movable standing screen solutions that effect sound absorption, sound diffusion and sound isolation in a wide range of interior spaces.