Turf Launches Plaid, A New Ceiling Scape That Adds Style and Flexibility

Latest acoustic solutions reach fresh aesthetic heights with layout versatility, optional tile caps and more

Turf, the Chicago-based acoustic solutions company operating at the intersection of art, architecture, and technology, has launched its newest ceiling scape: Plaid.  Following 2022’s release of Turf’s award-winning color palette, Hues, and brand relaunch, Plaid tackles innovation from a product perspective. The ceiling system supplies architects and designers with a new cutting-edge product that prioritizes the aesthetics and acoustics of commercial spaces and utilizes Hues.

“With the introduction of Plaid, we’re showcasing Turf’s constant drive to create new and innovative tools for specifiers to choose from when considering the acoustics of a space,” notes Turf President Rob Perri. “This addition to our catalog of high-performing and visually stunning solutions ensures that as a brand we are considering not only the aural aspects of acoustic solutions but visual aesthetics as well. When designing spaces, we want designers to start with the ceiling, and Plaid, along with our other ceiling scapes, guarantees that.”

Plaid is a criss-cross sound container that seamlessly fits its environment with a custom-level of precision, thanks to its considerations of a standard tee-grid infrastructure in its design. Plaid’s Gridlock connection to the tee-grid lets specifiers select from a myriad of options, including an open-edge, border, or different grid spacing. The open-edge layout uses an end cap to create a finished look; the bordered layout helps to define the boundaries of a space using a border that matches the dimensions of the main baffle profile; different on-center grid spacing, based on tee-grid configurations, allows Plaid to transform and create  distinct aesthetics within spaces.

Plaid is available as a standalone cloud or a continuous system that comes with optional tile caps to add a coffered look to the product. There are four standard cap options: flat fill, square offset (a two-tone tile), carved Maze, and Tubular along with the ability to create a custom tile.

Plaid is offered in three different size tiers – from a minimum of 3” x 4” to a maximum of 16” x 24” – allowing specifiers to customize the system to their design needs. The solution is available in Turf’s 9mm PET felt, offered in the brand’s new palette of 32 shades and the eight Turf Textures. With its noise-reducing coefficient (NRC) ranging from 0.60 (uncapped) to 0.90 (capped), these sound-absorbing properties paired with its striking visuals make Plaid a practical yet intricate system suitable for any commercial space.

For more information on Plaid, visit https://turf.design/products/plaid.

About Turf Design

Since 2016, Turf has collaborated with designers and architects to create acoustic solutions that produce welcoming spaces. Turf’s artful acoustic solutions – ranging from ceiling baffles, wall tiles, screens, and more – are effortless to adopt, adapt, and install. From an in-house developed color palette to research-centered product development, each Turf design results in smarter products, processes, and tools so that designers and architects can focus on creating and leave the noise behind.

Turf seeks to design a cleaner, greener built environment with solutions that meet the most intensive sustainability standards, and processes that minimize waste and energy at every step. Using 60% pre-consumer recycled PET felt keeps Turf products 100% recyclable, and on-demand manufacturing keeps inventory-associated waste low. At Turf, yesterday’s scraps are tomorrow’s solutions; it’s either recycled into a high-energy-value fuel or experimented with to create new innovative solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, the Turf team is constantly pushing the boundaries of the felt material to produce tools for architects and designers to effortlessly turn their visions into reality.