The latest launch from Designtex

Launching now, Handsome Plaid and Jumper are the latest collections from Designtex. Below is more information about the two colorful collections.

Learn more about the collections here.

Handsome Plaid features large-scale patterning, comprising of smaller complex woven stripes, grids, and solid sections of visual relief commingle to create a multidimensional design. Made by expert jacquard weavers in Germany, Handsome Plaid is crafted to upholster easily on large-scale and smaller furniture pieces alike.

The collection is bleach cleanable and no finish is required.

The collection that plays well with other textiles, colors and materials, Jumper is an exaltation of color. Jumper has a soft hand that’s inviting to touch. No topical stain treatments are added so all you feel is the luscious goodness of the yarn.

Durable and colorfast cleaners and disinfectants can be used regularly without harm.