Teknion Launches Tek Vue Glass Office-Front Wall System


Teknion Corporation on Nov. 27 announced the introduction of Tek Vue āˆ’ its latest architectural interiors product offering.

ā€œWe designed Tek Vue in response to our customersā€™ requirements that increasingly emphasize aesthetics, simplicity and value. Our new glass office-front system responds to these essential needs of todayā€™s workplace,ā€ said Mike Laudeman, VP, Architectural Interiors. ā€œTek Vue focuses on single-center glazing and thin-profile frames, while providing effortless integration with conventional building construction and existing Teknion wall programs.Ā Tek Vue wall and door programs are built on the concept of a universal platform, which re-envisions how a system can be specified, planned and installed within the evolving and fast-paced world of interior architecture and construction.ā€

Tek Vue is positioned to provide a unique blend of attributes found in demountable partitions and conventional glazing systems. Horizontal profiles are only 1 3/8 inches thick x 2 1/2 inches high, andĀ houseĀ single-centered 10mm or 12mmĀ laminatedĀ orĀ temperedĀ glass. These frame profiles, as well as wall starts, door frames and transitions, provide independent buildingĀ site accommodationĀ andĀ integration with conventional construction.Ā As well, Tek Vue is designed to integrate with Teknionā€™s Altos andĀ Focus wall programs,Ā leveraging their existing functionality to create more comprehensive workspaces.

Tek Vue can be specified with a low-profile electrical program. Wall transition panels have the capability to house special technology when required. Tek Vue also offers an articulating wall connection program that responds to various angles and facets in building architecture.

A comprehensive door program provides ease of specification with its universal frame and on-siteĀ positioning, allowing maximum on-site flexibility. It features a simplified yet progressive collection of both pivot and barn doors.

TheĀ pivot door program offers a single universal frame which houses a frameless glass, framed glass or solid leaf. Each pivot door leaf affords different levels of acoustic and visual privacy at varying price points.Ā Pivot doors provide easyĀ installation, a high level of adjustabilityĀ and more integrated finishes when compared to traditional hinge doors.

Tek Vueā€™s barn door program consists of a universal door frame and economicalĀ frameless glass leaf. The frameā€™s adjustable top rail that mounts to the interior or exterior of the storefront does not require a third post, providing seamless visual integration with the glass partition. The door can be planned off-module from glass demising walls, taking further advantage of rooms requiring an extremely small footprint.

Tek Vue pivot and barn doors share similar hardware options for visual consistency across the storefront when required. Hardware is always specified separately from the doors to optimize delivery and installation time. BothĀ door programs have been future-proofed to allow advanced hardware and door leaf options, ensuring the continuous evolution of the product line.

Tek Vue is available in a variety of combinations of frame finishes, as well as glass types and finishes.

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