Tangram Interiors Contributes to Modern, Innovative Workspace for Temperature Control Tech Company Ember

Tangram Interiors, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments headquartered in Southern California, recently completed a transformative space for Ember.

Ember, the company behind the temperature-controlled coffee mug that has taken the world by storm, was looking for a design team that reflected their revolutionary innovations. This brand is changing the way people eat, drink, and live – and they needed an office space that aligned with their custom approach to business. As Ember planned its move to its 25,000 square-foot Westlake Village headquarters, their partner Studio Blitz engaged Tangram’s services to furnish the…

  • Boardroom
  • Innovation center
  • Ember “Museum”
  • Meeting rooms
  • Private offices
  • Open collaborative area
  • Coffee bar
  • Product Design room
  • Reception area
  • Open workstation area

In this partnership with Tangram, the Ember team hoped to elevate their new, larger space with a focus on natural greenery, textured fabrics, and bold pops of color. Tangram listened to Ember’s preferences and needs, then provided a wide array of furniture ranging from desks and conference tables to lounge furniture and workstations. The end goal was to create a space that was as warm and creative as it was functional and minimalist.


A major highlight was the custom desk in the Founder’s office, as well as the 30-foot boomerang table crafted specifically for Ember with the help of Valentine Industries.

“The [Ember] Founder really wanted the space to feel really clean,” stated Alexandra Mitrovich, Tangram Sales Representative. “A lot of the design details are white and black, and there are a lot of warm woods. The goal was to create a space that was very open, inviting, and more natural-feeling, which is why we included a real tree in the office.”

About Tangram

Tangram is a flagship dealer for Steelcase, Inc., and the leading commercial interior solutions provider in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, and Southern California with offices in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern, and Fresno counties. The company has nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture in the belief that people fuel innovation. That culture has led to the organic growth of multiple business units complementing the firm’s core contract furniture offering: custom furniture, ancillary furniture, flooring and light construction, audio-visual integration, architectural walls, on-site furniture reconditioning, asset management and storage, delivery and installation, and corporate moves.

For information on Tangram Interiors, please visit www.tangraminteriors.com.