Sunon Launches its First Overseas Factory

Sunon’s first North American plant begins production, advancing the company’s globalization strategy

Sunon Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved another significant milestone in its globalization strategy with the official launch of its first factory outside of China: Sunon Mexico Manufacturing Base & Experience Center, located in the Hofusan Industrial Park in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Targeting the North American market, this move not only marks a major step in localized production; but also injects new momentum into our globalization strategy.

Since its establishment in 1991, Sunon Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing holistic solutions for office and commercial spaces, including space planning, office furniture, healthcare furniture, educational furniture, soft furnishings, and smart office solutions. As early as 2009, Sunon accelerated its overseas market expansion, with five sales subsidiaries globally and marketing outlets spanning 122 countries and regions. With the addition of the Monterrey production base in Mexico, there are currently six manufacturing bases worldwide.

Occupying 202 acres with a building area of approximately 81,600㎡, (878K sq ft) Mexico Manufacturing Base& Experience center focuses on the production of panel furniture, seats, and steel-based products. It also has facilities for research and development, customer experience, service, and product testing.

The base holds strategic significance for Sunon, considering North America’s position as one of the world’s largest office furniture markets, with the U.S. market commanding about 30% of global share. The location will act as a hub connecting the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, facilitating efficient production and supply chain networks. This will contribute to shortened product delivery times and enhanced production and service experiences for North American customers.

With the opening of Mexico Manufacturing base& Experience center, Sunon Technology is accelerating its strategic expansion in the North American and global markets, propelling the advancement of its brand globalization strategy. Sunon is progressing toward its vision of becoming a reliable global provider of office space solutions.