Stylex Goes B2C | WFH Made Easy!

Iconic Stylex Designs Are Now Widely Available Through the E-Commerce Platform

Commercial furnishings expert Stylex is responding to consumer demand and the growing work-from-home market through their latest collaboration with the newly launched Pine and South, a curated, direct-to-consumer furniture retailer. Providing expert workplace solutions for businesses and individuals alike, Stylex will now offer a variety of leading designs for employers and employees to make the most of their work environment – whether at home or in the office.

“As the need for flexible, on-demand work solutions continues to increase, we are pleased to offer a range of Stylex’s modern, multipurpose designs for the online consumer,” states Bruce Golden, CEO of Stylex. “This partnership with Pine and South speaks to a thoughtful consideration of how the office is evolving, and how Stylex views the future of work. We look forward to developing our collaboration with Pine and South and expanding our availability and offerings in the near future.”

“The addition of Stylex products to the Pine & South assortment enhances our ability to deliver quality-made, design-driven solutions directly to our customers’ homes and offices,” said Peter Gaslow, CEO of Pine & South. “Stylex was selected to be a part of our curated collection because of its strong brand reputation in the commercial furnishings category coupled with a residential aesthetic which makes the products perfect for flexible home office settings.”

Stylex designs currently available on include:

Adorn Tables: Adorn provides a versatile family of tables for many different environments. Side tables and coffee tables are available in two different heights and widths, allowing them to be overlap-nested to maximize visual interest and utility. Stylex offers a broad variety of paint finishes as well as chrome on the metal bases. Tops may be painted metal, solid wood, Caeserstone, or solid surface. Available in 30” and 36” diameter or as 14” and 17” nesting side tables.

F4 Task Chair: F4 represents an evolution in user-responsive seating, a graceful, lightweight appearance, and timeless styling. Through thoughtful material selection and component design, F4 was created to comfortably and effortlessly move with its user and support a broad range of seated gestures without requiring manual adjustments. F4 provides a unique torsion-spring mechanism that is totally concealed within its frame. The geometry of the chair, in combination with the springs, provides comfortable support for a broad range of users without adjustment.

Trim Tables: A contemporary take on the classic nesting table, Trim reflects the fluid way we work today, with movable furnishings and multipurpose areas replacing fixed design schemes. Offered in two base finishes, matte black and milk-white, Trim suits contemporary and traditional settings, including home, office, hospitality, healthcare, and educational spaces. Tops may be painted metal, solid wood, Caeserstone, or solid surface. Intended to be mixed and matched, these choices reflect the heterogeneous nature of today’s interiors, where multiple materials and metals often coexist in the same space.

Verve Chair: Verve is a versatile polypropylene shell chair that offers inspiring, affordable, ergonomic seating in the types of flexible spaces where people now live, meet, and work. As office footprints shrink and even move into the home, there is an increased demand for appropriately scaled seating that does not compromise a user’s experience. Verve provides outstanding comfort based on the shell’s built-in lumbar support and inherent flex, both of which promote healthy sitting and movement. Design functionality is optimized by Verve’s wide-ranging choice of options including a 4-blade base, excellent for the home office.

ABOUT STYLEX: For over 60 years, Stylex has produced furniture for the modern workplace with careful consideration given to balancing aesthetics, performance, value, and service. A design-driven, inventive spirit has led the company to collaborate with top designers, delivering furniture pieces that add beauty and function to any space. Stylex designs all its products for a long, useful life by using quality materials that foster durability and sustainability. For more information, visit

ABOUT PINE AND SOUTH: Founded in New York City and developed to adapt to the way work has changed over the years, Pine & South is a new, innovative and stylish go-to for office furniture needs. Through Pine & South’s virtual marketplace and partnerships with leading manufacturers, the company offers expert home and workplace solutions to individuals and top organizations and institutions nationwide. For more information about Pine & South, please visit and follow on social media at @PineandSouth.