Starting June 10: Designers and Artisans Support International Online Fundraising for the City of Milan

Photo credits “Isolation”: Courtesy Massimo Colonna for Delisart Design Charity Funding

Designers and artisans supporting MilanoAiuta, the international fundraising for the city of Milan opens on the 10th of June.

More than 70 participating artists, selling over 100 items artworks of furniture that will be presented on the e-commerce platform of Delisart

More than seventy designers and artisans from all over the world, with over one hundred products, have joined the international online fundraising for the city of Milan, promoted by Delisart, in partnership with Monomio Research.

From the 10th of June until the 30th of June, the proceeds from the sale of designer objects, artworks and furniture collected through the Delisart platform will be donated to the #MilanoAiuta charity fund, supported by the Fondazione di Comunità Milano Onlus. This foundation supports 56 Municipalities in Milan City and in adjacent areas. Dealing with strengthening services for the elderly by providing them with home care.

On it will be possible to view the online catalogue and purchase the designer products directly. These products can be shipped to your address (shipping costs included). Further information can be found on

Founded at the beginning of the year, Delisart is a new international platform offering customizable and limited edition designer products. The company aims to promote traditional values, through a curated selection of contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen.

Enea Arienti, founder of Delisart comments: “In these uncertain and challenging times, we want to donate to Milan, the capital of design, a city that we love so much. We opened our company a few months ago to support the values of traditional design. But since realized that we are living through a particularly, unprecedented year. We questioned ourselves on how to act, looking to the future, we were overwhelmed by the desire to communicate a sense solidarity. In conjunction with launching our platform, we chose to start fundraising for #MilanoAiuta, made possible thanks to the support of our many craftsmen and designers”.

The Manifesto of Design Charity Funding for MilanoAiuta is “Isolation” by Massimo Colonna: a series of illustrations created by the photographer and digital artist in time of lockdown and social distancing.

Among the many craftsmen and designers who have joined our fundraiser we can find: Foro Studio from Milan, with the FIORI CHIARI tapestry, a tribute to the well-known Milanese street. Paola Paronetto, the ceramic artist, who through her particular sensitivity and female creativity, produces a variety of unique objects and sculptures such as BOSCO, PISTILLI and CARTOCCI. The creative studio Pretziada, with their ALLUSION carpet made from Sardinian wool, created by their skilled craftsmen; the Dutch Studio Rive Roshan presents COLOR SHIFT, a decorative glass panel that reflects colours to space; and Andrew Trotter from Spain, joining with his BLOCK lamp: an idea that a void can be carved from solidity.

The fundraiser promoted by Delisart, in partnership with Monomio Research, is part of the solidarity movement that started in Italy in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Cartocci – Paola Paronetto
Colour Shift -Rive Roshan
Fiori Chiari – Foro Studio

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Delisart represents a new vision of craftsmanship that proposes a selection of customizable and limited edition designer products. The aim of this project is to support and promote the values of traditional design, through a careful selection of contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen.

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