Safe and Secure with Unika Vaev

Open For [Safe] Business™ Signage

Workplace safety is very important. The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the day-to-day business routines across the country. Our Open For [Safe] Business™ Signage package helps protect and remind your employees and customers to observe safe practices to keep us healthy and protected.

The signs are fast and easy to install without any tools needed due to the patent-pending T-Clip™ that are attached to each sign. The signs can be installed in any 2’ drop ceiling grid and are easy to move around existing sprinklers and lights. The signs are sold in a box kit of 20 signs with seven different messages.

Open For [Safe] Business™ Signage was designed with the environment in mind. Each sign is produced with 100% fire tested, low VOC, color-fast, recycled polyester. The signs are lightweight, approximately 24″ x 24″, 1/2″ thick, and printed on both sides. The signs are only sold in a box kit of 20 signs that can’t be mixed. Custom signs are available upon request.

See our video, Safe and Secure with Unika Vaev